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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
General (jghali)2007-10-17delete a template, it reappears
Import / Export minorgypsymauroclosed (jghali)2007-10-14SVG exporter doesn't draw text boders
Translation (plinnell)2007-10-13Updated Slovenian translation
Translation minoryeagerclosed (cbradney)2007-10-11Swedish translation
Translation (cbradney)2007-10-03Untranslateable string in the tab dialog
1.3.5svn1.3.3.10svn minorchristoph_sclosed (plinnell)2007-10-01Updated german manpage
Translation (Tsoots)2007-09-29Spelling fixes for Finnish translation (Version133x)
Usability (jghali)2007-09-29Spaces in filenames when exporting one pdf file per page.
General (jghali)2007-09-28Crash when importing OpenOffice text with footnotes
Color Management (jghali)2007-09-28Gamut warning doesn't work for vector objects
Documentation (cbradney)2007-09-17No images visible in the help browser
PDF (Tsoots)2007-09-11Image with NoPrint attribute is not visible in exported PDF document
Import / Export (jghali)2007-08-31Incorrect handling of polylines in OpenOffice Draw document
User Interface (jghali)2007-08-31Clone master page doesn't clone margins
Website (plinnell)2007-08-24Scribus file extensions not registered in Microsoft database
- (jghali)2007-08-18Gradient properties not copied by "Copy Item Properties" tool
Styles (jghali)2007-08-16line style applies only to one member of group of polylines while it is expected to apply to all
Scripter (jghali)2007-08-10allPrinters method only return ['FILE'] printer
Scripter minorjghaliclosed (jghali)2007-08-09print method won't work correctly on windows
Undo/Redo (Tsoots)2007-08-09Undo in connection with master pages triggers crash
Undo/Redo minorevilnickclosed (jghali)2007-08-07Undo-ing 'Adjust frame to Image' doesn't work correctly
Undo/Redo (jghali)2007-08-07Bad undo after redimension
Translation featurealexandreclosed (plinnell)2007-08-07Updated Russian translation for
Internal minorralf oehlerclosed (fschmid)2007-08-05Bug 0005696 still present in
PDF (jghali)2007-08-03PDF export does not work correctly when Master Page name contains foreign letters
General (jghali)2007-07-30Loading a second Scribus file fails to find images for image frames
General (jghali)2007-07-14crash on close with file from 5435
Import / Export (jghali)2007-07-10Crash on getting text from a .odt doc
Integration (jghali)2007-07-03scribus doesnt find gs 8.57 on one computer but does on another. dropped back to gs 8.56 ok
Scripter (jghali)2007-07-03Printer object has `print' method that's a reserved keyword in recent Python
User Interface (jghali)2007-07-02Double string in Preflight Checker
General (jghali)2007-06-30template with tables causes exception error
Translation (jghali)2007-06-30opening and closing preferences changes GUI language
User Interface minorplinnellclosed (jghali)2007-06-30Show the correct lang docs under Fr and De
Graphics / Image Frames (jghali)2007-06-30image effects accessible for imported vectors (pdf/ps) in image frame
Translation (plinnell)2007-06-23mistranslation
Internal minorplinnellclosed (plinnell)2007-06-05Submit Code for review at [^]
Scripter (plinnell)2007-06-05Add SK (Slovak) to the calendar wizard
Story Editor / Text Frames (jghali)2007-06-03Text loses shadow/underline words properties when text frame is duplicated
General (cbradney)2007-06-03Objects don't get deleted when the layer they're on is deleted
User Interface (jghali)2007-06-02400% zoom not available
General crashfaramondclosed (jghali)2007-06-01Toggle guides crashes Scribus when no document open
Import / Export (jghali)2007-05-26Export to SVG of drawing previously imported as EPS sets wrong color
Translation (plinnell)2007-05-21Traditional Chinese Translation Update
1.3.4cvs1.3.3.10svn4crashintrigericlosed (plinnell)2007-05-21Preview mode crash
Scripter (plinnell)2007-05-20Updated Calendar Wizard
Translation minorVladimir Savicclosed (plinnell)2007-05-19Another serbian translation update
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