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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
1.3.1cvs1majorringercacknowledged2015-06-29Metabug: Code quality, structure, readability
User Interface
1minord52frnew2015-06-29NoHorizontal slider of a Scribus window
User Interface
1.4.0svn4minorBoldieresolved2015-06-29NoDropdown menu is laying over an text entry field.
User Interface
1.5.1svn1. crashcbradneyresolved (cbradney)2015-06-28NoCrash when attempting to set keyboard shortcut to menu separator in keyboard shortcut prefs
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.6 milestone3crashJLucconfirmed2015-06-28NoUsability : Pasting text should not paste the paragraph style
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.4.0svn2minorzoffixnew2015-06-28Font sizes get messed up on copy/paste
Story Editor / Text Frames
4minoraliBnew2015-06-28Sometimes the property dialog doesn't show the right font propterties of a text frame
1.4.0svn1.6 milestone6majorAlexanderfeedback2015-06-28NoWrong update of properties information at window which opens with <F2>
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.61minordaspostlochassigned (avox)2015-06-28un-wanted font style persistent even after changing for entire frame/selection/text
1.3Future Release1featurechristoph_snew2015-06-28NoDocument statistics
2minorleafnew2015-06-27NoVertical alignment doesn't work in linked text frames in 1.5.0
PDF (jghali)2015-06-27NoEncoding error in PDF with Symbol font
1.3.7svn minorsubeditornew2015-06-27Rotated frames are poorly editable
1.5.02minoralenew2015-06-27add a keyboard shortcut for importing a vector file
Graphics / Image Frames
2minorhhielscherconfirmed2015-06-27NoPlaced PDF distorted
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2015-06-27NoMetabug: Instances that are missing Layout Update/Display Refresh
Story Editor / Text Frames
1minorJLucnew2015-06-27redraw inline frames
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.6 milestone1minorchristoph_sconfirmed2015-06-27NoOdd behaviour of items in imported IDML files
Build System
4minormaprerinew2015-06-27Please add Large File Support to scribus
User Interface
1.5.0svn1. (cbradney)2015-06-26Icons for some actions are harder to use in 1.5.0svn
3tweakperosredonew2015-06-26NoAbility to remove/edit the red page border
1.3.5svn1.6 milestone2featureMikeacknowledged2015-06-26Noadd "sectioning" into Document Setup > Sections
1.6 milestone5minoralexandrenew2015-06-26NoCustom sections
User Interface
1.3.0cvs3featureStanIvassigned (jghali)2015-06-26Object properties toolbar
1.4.42majorFirebrandnew2015-06-26NoPDF Form multi-line text fields error
1.5.0svn2featurealenew2015-06-26rename clipping options in the pre-press tab
1.5.0svn1.5.11minorchristoph_sconfirmed2015-06-26NoColumn jump is recorded as document modification
1.5.0svn3minorbartjeassigned (Herm)2015-06-26Scribus has a really hard time loading documents exceeding 20 pages with lot's of render frames (lilypond)
 featuremhanskiacknowledged (Herm)2015-06-26Metabug: Render Frames (LaTeX, GnuPlot, LilyPond, GraphViz, etc.)
1.5.1svn1.5.1svn minorJLucresolved (jghali)2015-06-26NoCrash with fonts embed/subset config in PDF Export Dialog
User Interface
1.4.1.svn17featureJLucnew2015-06-26Checkbox to toggle prepress option (last tab of export to PDF dialog)
1.5.1svn3minorFirasHnew2015-06-26NoPreferences > Page Sizes does not report any page size, just format names
User Interface Arrow for line-handle movement is broken
1.3.35tweakmkorenconfirmed2015-06-26Setting line geometry properties display errors
Usability milestone17majortimiassigned (jghali)2015-06-26NoThe register "Fonts" in the dialog "Save as PDF" is quite confusing (and has a bug).
1.5.1svn2minorKundanew2015-06-25No[OSX] 4 finger swipe triggers: QGestureManager::deliverEvent: could not find the target for gesture
Import / Export
1.5.1svn minorrajmassigned (fschmid)2015-06-24NoImages imported from publisher overflow their image frames
1.4.413minorWaaduunew2015-06-24Nosome paragraphs do not align to Baseline Grid though they should according to style
 minorPeterBenedeknew2015-06-24NoDocument Setup or Preferences ... window of value fields malfunction as press etnter.
6minorAlmaTlustnew2015-06-24Norandom switching between open documents
OS-Win32 (jghali)2015-06-23NoError message during the startup of scribus
Import / Export
1.5.0svn7minorJLucnew2015-06-23NoAdd a "Save doc with new export setttings" button to PDF export dialog
Story Editor / Text Frames
 minorJLucnew2015-06-23NoGroups usability improvement
User Interface
1.5.1svn minorJLucnew2015-06-22NoDelete page selector
1.5.1svnFuture Release10featurechristoph_snew2015-06-22NoHLC Colour Picker
Import / Export
1.5.1svnFuture Release8minorchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-06-22NoIncorrect import of FH10 file
Story Editor / Text Frames
 minorJLucnew2015-06-22No2-key character input issues (with deadkey)
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.1svn minorJLucnew2015-06-21NoInsert carret cant be seen
1.5.0svn1.5.11majorFirasHconfirmed2015-06-21NoUndo/Redo records wrong entries using the Guide Manager
1.3.2cvs minorsubikacknowledged (subik)2015-06-21Metabug: Guide Dialog
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