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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
Documentation (cbradney)2012-04-28No images in Scribus Italian manual
1.4.1.svn1minorQilaqclosed (jghali)2012-04-27Updated Estonian translation for Scribus 1.4.1
1.4.1.svn1.4.1.svn1featurealex326closed (cbradney)2012-04-22UI Italian translation update for 1.4.1
1.4.0svn1. (cbradney)2012-01-15[BUG] last char does not change without selection
Build System minorsharkczclosed (cbradney)2012-01-15profiles should be installed in SHAREDDIR
Build System minorsharkczclosed (cbradney)2012-01-15swatches should be installed in SHAREDDIR
Color Management
1.4.1.svn1. featurecbradneyclosed (christoph_s)2012-01-15Add GiveLife Color System swatches
Story Editor / Text Frames minorMikeclosed (jghali)2012-01-09Align Text Right doesn't work in some situations
1.4.1.svn1.4.1.svn1featurebubuclosed (jghali)2012-01-09Hungarian translation update for 1.4 stable branch
1.4.1.svn1.4.1.svn3featurebubuclosed (cbradney)2012-01-09strings missing from TS files
Translation (jghali)2012-01-03Add space between X and Y values in the position tooltip
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