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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
Import / Export (fschmid)2007-01-02PDF SETTINGS not saved
Printing (fschmid)2006-12-26Export PDF dialogue forgets font settings
Story Editor / Text Frames (fschmid)2006-12-26Story editor does not remember size of the style-pane
General (fschmid)2006-12-21Changing the colour space of a colour sets colour list display to "None"
Releases blockcbradneyclosed (plinnell)2006-12- Release Metabug
Documentation (plinnell)2006-12-02Add cmake instructions to the INSTALL files ( and 1.3.4cvs)
Documentation (plinnell)2006-12-01Setup 1.3.x doc: wrong info about Short Words
Internal Dicksonclosed (fschmid)2006-12- does not correctly read 1.2.x files
Translation minoralexandreclosed (fschmid)2006-12-01Insert Page dialog doesn't use common strings
Translation minoralexandreclosed (plinnell)2006-12-01Updated translation into Russian for
Translation minorTsootsclosed (Tsoots)2006-11-30Updated Finnish translation
Scripter (subik)2006-11-30error using script ID generator - Next Generation
User Interface with inner/outer margins in master pages
Translation (cbradney)2006-11-27Please find Breton language update for Scribus
Translation (cbradney)2006-11-27Updated Danish translation
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.1cvs1.3.3.6cvs5minorplinnellclosed2006-11-26right click drag and copy text frames creates two instances of text0 in the outline palette
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.2.5cvs1.3.3.6cvs2crashkfasheldonclosed2006-11-26Edit Story Crashes Scribus Error 0000001
User Interface (subik)2006-11-26Font Preview in SE makes SE disappear
User Interface tweakchristoph_sclosed (fschmid)2006-11-26Strange artifacts on canvas when creating a table
General minorchristoph_sclosed (fschmid)2006-11-26"Convert to master page" doesn't update "Arrange pages"
Translation featuremhanskiclosed (plinnell)2006-11-24Polish translation update for
Build System (cbradney)2006-11-24Color wheel/Color/Color components => Crash
Translation (fschmid)2006-11-24File/Import/Get Text and Append Text: "Open" in window title not translatable
Story Editor / Text Frames (avox)2006-11-23Hang when redrawing/relayouting text with wrap/zoom etc
General crashplinnellclosed (fschmid)2006-11-23Cairo Build of 1336cvs has crash when importing EPS
Translation featureaxelbclosed (plinnell)2006-11-23Updated translation for Scribus 1.3.3.x
Translation (cbradney)2006-11-22pt-BR Translation Update
PDF (jghali)2006-11-21gradient of opacity not in PDF, when PDF 1.5 is chosen
User Interface minorchristoph_sclosed (jghali)2006-11-201.3.3.x: Gamut warning applied to background colour for font preview in paragraph styles
User Interface (jghali)2006-11-191.3.3.x: Scribus doesn't remember background settings for preview in paragraph styles
Translation minoralexandreclosed (plinnell)2006-11-16updated translation for
PDF (fschmid)2006-11-13Bad PDF generated
Import / Export minoralexandreclosed (fschmid)2006-11-13????? characters instead of cyrillics in PDF metadata
General (cbradney)2006-11- and Properties: tooltip for Line spacing still wrong
Translation minordrouizigclosed (jghali)2006-11-12NSIS/Installation: please add "Breton/Brezhoneg" to the list of supported languages since NSIS handles it
Build System featureplinnellclosed (cbradney)2006-11-12Backport cmake for 1336
User Interface (cbradney)2006-11-12Being able to edit master pages names in the master page dialog
Integration featurecbradneyclosed (cbradney)2006-11-11Backport the upgrade checker in Help About


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