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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1crashFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-06-12Undo/Redo crashes Scribus editing Polyline
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1crashFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-06-12Undo/Redo crashes Scribus undoing a Group if Windows > Outline is opened
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1crashFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-06-11"Embed Image" crashes Scribus if no document is opened
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1crashFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-06-11"Sample Text" crashes Scribus if no document is opened
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3crashFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-06-10Renaming items in Scrapbook may crash Scribus
User Interface
1.3.0cvs1.5.0svn11minoralexandreclosed (cbradney)2014-06-05decrease bloating in context menus for frames
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-06-04Menu entries order in Paragraph Style interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-30"Rotate Item" tool can be used with Tables only if another item was selected before
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-30"Check for Updates" output bad formatting
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1majorFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-05-27Wrong resizing/preview of more items selected
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-05-27Spiral resize preview on Canvas does not correspond to the actual Spiral
Scripter featurepygmeeclosed (cbradney)2014-05-27getCharStyles missing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorPeterBenedekclosed (jghali)2014-05-27Incorrect loading of groups located on masterpages
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-05-27Copy/Paste places wrongly Arcs
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-27Undo/Redo does not record Drop Shadow actions
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-22Undo/Redo is not able to manage Line Width changes
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-22Undo/Redo not available for "Vertical Alignment"
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn7featureJLucclosed (cbradney)2014-05-22"Insert false text" (lorem ipsum) deletes existing text
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3crashFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-05-21"Get Vector File..." crashes Scribus if no document is opened
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1textperosredoclosed (cbradney)2014-05-12Insert menu item naming repetition/inconsistency
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn6crashPeterBenedekclosed (jghali)2014-05-12Switching language (Hungarian > English) ++ click Character Styles == Crash
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3minorPeterBenedekclosed (jghali)2014-05-12Guide value reset when clicking the value box.
1.5.0svn1. (jghali)2014-05-12Same .sla file cannot be loaded with different GUI languages
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1trivialFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-05-12Translation updates for source Editor
General (fschmid)2014-05-12exporting to PNG with transparent background
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3minorKundaclosed (fschmid)2014-05-11Can not load EPS file
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-05-11General spacing/tab fixes to Scribus source code
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn6featureJLucclosed (jghali)2014-04-212 frames are linked to same frame
User Interface
1.5.0svn1. (jghali)2014-04-21"Return to pages edition" doesn't work
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Preview on Canvas of rotated and grouped elements does not correspond to the elements
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn6crashPeterBenedekclosed (cbradney)2014-04-21Crash on switching language
Build System
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1blockperosredoclosed (jghali)2014-04-21Refuses to build on 32bit Fedora 20 - moc_AdapterWidget.cpp.o undefined reference
Qt5 Port
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2crashwaltoclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Scribus crashes with signal 0000011
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1crashFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-04-21Image preview quality cause crash if no document is opened
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorJLucclosed (cbradney)2014-04-21crash when clicking statusbar layer dropdown
Color Management
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn minorJLucclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21PDF thumbnails include "out of gamut" color effect
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn5majorFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-04-21Pressing "Esc" while editing a Text Frame from Canvas freezes keyboard input
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn minorJLucclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Outline window : selecting a layer should realy select it and enable its editing
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1featureJLucclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Line arrow (end point) scales stops at 300% but could usefully be bigger
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3minorFirasHclosed (jghali)2014-04-21Properties > Table - Scroll bar is too expanded
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (cbradney)2014-04-21"Insert Barcode" is not selectable if another tool is selected
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Convert to > Symbol crashes Scribus if no document is opened
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2crashFirasHclosed (fschmid)2014-04-21Double clicking on Scrapbook items crashes Scribus if no document is opened
User Interface
1.5.0svn1. minorchristoph_sclosed (fschmid)2014-04-18Unclear Context Menu entry for 3D annotations
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn2minorJLucclosed (fschmid)2014-04-18swing shape buttons
Build System
1.5.0svn minoraleclosed (cbradney)2014-04-10please add an "export" directory in the plugins
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn5minorVladimir Savicclosed (fschmid)2014-04-10PDF import wrong (inkscape exported; with patterns)
Story Editor / Text Frames (fschmid)2014-04-07vertical aligning
Color Management
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn featurealeclosed (cbradney)2014-04-06Statusbar: remove the Color Management button from the statusbar
User Interface (cbradney)2014-04-06Two status bars, zoom commands - UI cleanup
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