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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
1.3.4cvs4trivialjo-hannesassigned (avox)2015-04-12problem with transparency of an icon in the font replacement dialog
1.5.0svn minorwaltaonew2015-04-12Permanence of font substitutions is quite limited (although substitute font permanently is checked)
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.6 milestone2majorchristoph_snew2015-04-12NoBlack text in IDML files is imported as brown (works correctly when deleting ./scribus dir)
Import / Export
1.3Future Release5featureavoxassigned (fschmid)2015-04-12NoPSD import doesn't work if the image is grayscale or in 16bit depth
Story Editor / Text Frames minormkorennew2015-04-12queer toolbar refresh issue in SE when applying a style to a selection
Import / Export
1.4.6.svn minoralenew2015-04-11Noloading odt files with merge option least to the creation and using of "default-style"
1.4.0svn1.6 milestone5minorjierofeedback2015-04-11Imported vector with "Undo" lead to all pages blank
1.4.1.svnFuture Release2minorhmebusnew2015-04-11NoUnwanted change in text size
Qt5 Port
1.5.0svn1.6 milestone3blockchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-04-10NoActivating colour management and/or preview mode for colour blindness is extremely slow and a resource hog
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.14minorJLucconfirmed2015-04-10Export to image doesn't remember prefix setting
Import / Export
1.4.5 minorS29Knew2015-04-10NoExport -> Save as image directory defaults to last used export directory not current
1.5.0svn featurepygmeenew2015-04-10Preflight Verifier - check for overprint
Import / Export
1.4.12featurecboltznew2015-04-10Warn at PDF export if overprinting is used
1.3.45featurelouisdesjardinsconfirmed2015-04-10NoPreflight Verifier: Flag for White Overprint
1.3.5svn10featureBAlphanew2015-04-10NoPreflight Verifier: report black text that is not overprinted
Import / Export
1.3.8svn4minorsubeditornew2015-04-10Overprint does not work?
 featurecbradneyacknowledged2015-04-09NoPreflight Verifier: Implement name comparison checking for master pages, used images, etc
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.14minorchristoph_snew2015-04-09Multiple file selection in file selectors and the Picture Browser
Import / Export
2minormorgajelnew2015-04-09NoNon-printing characters (Page Break, Column Break) are not imported from ODT files
User Interface
1.5.0svn1minorJLucnew2015-04-09No"Scrapbook" / "Scrapbook page" labelling
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn2minorJLucnew2015-04-09NoAdapt images to frame should reset offest
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.0cvs18featurelouisdesjardinsassigned (avox)2015-04-08Support for OpenType alternate glyphs
 featureKundanew2015-04-07 Use multiplatform Qt Installer 2.0 Framework to create a Scribus installer
Story Editor / Text Frames
 featurethepeternew2015-04-07Noautomatic text tracking script
Graphics / Image Frames
1.4.5 featurethepeternew2015-04-07Noset distance of text from image frames
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1majorJLucconfirmed2015-04-07NoText shrunk and line broken
Import / Export
11featureaxelbacknowledged2015-04-07Export story text as something better than txt
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.0cvs8featureKnXacknowledged2015-04-07XML based editing
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.14minorchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-04-06NoImprovements to the Custom Shapes feature
Import / Export
1.6 milestone20featurenerdimassigned (ale)2015-04-05Export to e-book formats
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.51majorgstaniakconfirmed2015-04-05Non-breaking spaces and hyphenation disappear when converting to outlines
Import / Export
1.5.0svn8minorJLucnew2015-04-04Keep SLA and PDF sync
13featuregrolnew2015-04-03NoQML support for building layouts.
User Interface
1.5.0svn6minorFirasHnew2015-04-03YesDouble Sided corresponds to Double Page?
1.5.0svn1.5.13minorFirasHacknowledged2015-04-02[REMOVE] Calligraphic Line properties cannot be changed with mouse scrolling
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn5minorJLucnew2015-04-02Feature : align / center, horizontaly / verticaly, image in frame
1.5.0svn featureAlmaTlustnew2015-04-02NoExtending scrapbook
1.5.0svn minoralenew2015-03-30Nochange behavior of the page size in document settings
Import / Export
1.3.85majorMax31new2015-03-30NoNot able to export in vector mode ...
Future Release2featurechristoph_snew2015-03-29NoOption to save the action history with a document (in order to undo/redo across sessions)
1.3.23tweakplinnellassigned2015-03-28missing template images
1.3.3cvs6featureShun_Diconfirmed2015-03-28Ruler just keeps on growing over the pages
Import / Export
1.5.0svn10minorJLucnew2015-03-27native FileDialog
Story Editor / Text Frames editor keeps the last properties
Canvas drag and drop images to the Scribus canvas in Gnome 3.12
1.5.0svn4minorPeterBenedeknew2015-03-24Guide Manager do not accept negative numbers, under certain conditions.
Story Editor / Text Frames
4textPeterMatrixnew2015-03-24NoIn Linked Text Frame the Frame Break add extra blank line in the second frame's firs column
User Interface milestone10minorGarryPnew2015-03-24No"Is Locked" attribute functionality doesn't match documentation
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.110minorchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-03-22NoProblems with EMF importer
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.19majorjm_szconfirmed2015-03-20problems with selecting/cutting/copying/pasting text between frames
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