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Summary 0011820: Workflow fix: Dialog path to 'unembed image' doesn't remember previously used image folder
Revision 2014-07-24 12:18 by Kunda
Additional Information Steps to reproduce :
1) Open a new Document with image frame
2) Import image in frame : notice the path. It's the last (=previously used) image folder
3) Embed image using context sub-menu (tick appears in sub-menu) or Item > Image > Embed Image
4) Un-embed image using the same option in context submenu (notice the folder path)

The folder that is proposed to save the image is the documents default folder. This report claims that proposed folder should be the same as when importing an image : it should be the last (=previously used) image folder.

FYI: image-import-due-to-unembed is unembed action. "Import" is not proper since its rather export from sla to disk.
Revision 2013-10-29 11:02 by JLuc
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