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Summary 0008445: Tabs are no longer respected when justified
Revision 2015-12-13 11:49 by Kunda
Steps To Reproduce Steps to reproduce translated:
In a style I have defined:
one tab "right alignment" 45 mm
another tab "Left alignment" to 47 mm
The text is justified in this paragraph.
Effect (the tabs are typed instead of '_', the spaces following the '_' are not captured):
_ bar bla bla bla :_ blabla ...
_ foo blabla :_ bla bla blabla...
The 45 mm tab is intended to align the ":" character.
The 47 mm tab aligns the first character after the ":".
When the text after the ':' spans multiple lines, the ':' are no longer located at 45 mm and the following first character is no longer located at 47 mm.

Only if the paragraph is "left aligned", everything works alright.
Revision 2009-09-20 21:14 by crabs
Steps To Reproduce