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Summary 0012493: "Export to Image" dialog proposes bad prefix, folder and image type
Revision 2017-03-13 13:27 by JLuc
Additional Information For example : Let's open following document : /home/jluc/Dropbox/Aranya/couv/couv.sla

Whent Export to image is launched, the dialog proposes the following default values :

- export path : /home/jluc/Dropbox/ARANYA W JLuc/p124/images : that's totaly unrelated and useless !

- prefix : /home/jluc/Dropbox/ARANYA W JLuc/couv/couv.sla : this is not even a prefix ! its the name and path of the currently opened file. Prefix should be 'couv' that is the filename alone, without extension and without path.

- image type is : png. That's not too bad for a first try, even when i prefer to export to JPG. But next time a export another page to image, then the proposed type should not be the default PNG, but JPG as was previously requested.
Revision 2014-07-07 23:20 by JLuc
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