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0001038ScribusImport / Exportpublic2004-10-30 20:08
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Fixed in Version1.2.1cvs 
Summary0001038: "Export text as outlines" in PDF exporter
DescriptionThe ability to export text as outlines during PDF export, without the user having to convert the document to oulines first, could be very useful.

It would make it much easier to export documents with text as vectors without having to duplicate the orignal document or worry about overwriting the converted version.

This is doubly true as there does not presently appear to be a way to globally convert to outlines - the user must convert all objects on each page, page by page.

This feature request is prompted by issues encountered by Frédéric Gobry ("chbug"), who was trying to use a print shop with seriously behind the times software for the output of two-byte text. It did not work well.

Such an option would fit nicely in the fonts tab of the PDF exporter - a "Export text as outlines" checkbox that would disable the font embedding controls on that page.

An image is attached as an example of what it'd be nice to avoid.
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Additional InformationPrompted in part by the issues discussed in bug 0001027 .
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2004-09-06 15:26


error.png (1,524 bytes)   
error.png (1,524 bytes)   


2004-09-06 18:18

administrator   ~0002329

You can set this in the Font Preferences Dialog, it's called subset Font as it does only convert the used Gylphs to Outlines.


2004-09-06 22:44

administrator   ~0002334

Would be nice to have this as an export option so you dont have to changes prefs for every doc you work with, but rather be able to use outlines where you want. Subsetting should, at some stage, not just convert to outlines.

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