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0011537ScribusStylespublic2014-07-14 15:50
Reporterdetly Assigned Tocbradney  
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PlatformLinux amd64OSUbuntuOS Version12.10 (quantal)
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0011537: Creating new character style causes crash due to signal #6
DescriptionAttempting to create a new character style causes Scribus to crash due to signal 0000006.
Steps To Reproduce1. Start scribus-trunk
2. Create any new document
3. Do Edit > Styles
4. Do New > Character Style

The style manager dialog appears, but so does a message box saying "Scribus crashes due to Signal 0000006".

Console output is:

ASSERT: "di != -1" in file /build/buildd/scribus-trunk-1.5.0svn201305220336/scribus/ui/smcstylewidget.cpp, line 297
Scribus Crash
Scribus crashes due to Signal 0000006
Calling Emergency Save
Additional InformationThe exact version of Scribus I tried this on was: 1.5.0svn201305220336-24~quantal1

If it helps, the version of libqtcore4 is: 4:4.8.3+dfsg-0ubuntu3.1
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2013-05-22 18:12

administrator   ~0030160

I can't replicate this.


2013-05-22 19:31

administrator   ~0030162

Cannot reproduce either...


2013-05-22 19:53

reporter   ~0030163

I can't reproduce this. (Ubuntu 13.04, trunk, Hungarian locale)


2013-05-24 11:11

reporter   ~0030173

I created a new user profile, and couldn't reproduce this problem on it. Then I tried renaming my normal ~/.scribus dir and restarting Scribus, and the problem disappeared.

So either you can close this as invalid, or if you want to know what's causing it I'll let you know when I find out.

(I do run both scribus and scribus-trunk, depending on what I need to do, and it does appear that they share ~/.scribus, so maybe that's causing problems.)


2013-05-25 14:47

reporter   ~0030177

I just wanted to add: I managed to track down what caused the crash. Scribus creates the file ~/.scribus/scribus150.rc, which has an entry at line 543. On my system, this is:

<Hyphenator WordLength="3" AutomaticCheck="0" HyphenCount="2" Automatic="1" Language="en_GB"/>

If I change the 'en_GB' to 'en', I get the crash.

My locale is, in fact, neither en_GB nor en, it's en_AU.

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