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0001215ScribusUser Interfacepublic2006-02-05 22:53
Reporterpbx Assigned ToTsoots  
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PlatformMacintoshOSOS XOS Version10.3.5
Product Version1.2 
Fixed in Version1.3.3cvs 
Summary0001215: Toolbars cannot be hidden once palettized
DescriptionThe Tools and PDF Tools toolbars can be toggled via the Settings menu when in toolbar form. However, once dragged out of the toolbar into a separate palette. they exhibit 2 problems: 1) If the "close" box in the palette's title bar is clicked, the palette becomes blank but does not disappear. 2) If the palette is hidden by deselecting the corresponding checked entry in the Settings menu, it disappears only until another window (e.g. Properties, Arrange Pages) is activated.
Steps To Reproduce1. Launch Scribus
2. Double-click tab at left of Tools or PDF Tools toolbar
3. (Toolbar disappears, Palette is created)
4. Click close box on Palette
5. (Notice blank window that remains)

1. Launch Scribus
2. Double-click tab at left of Tools or PDF Tools toolbar
3. (Toolbar disappears, Palette is created)
4. Choose Settings > Tools (or PDF Tools, whichever you picked in step 2)
5. (Palette disappears)
6. Activate another windows (e.g. Properties)
7. (Notice palette has come back)
Additional InformationWorkaround: Re-dock the toolbar (drag it back, or double-click its title bar, even if it's blank), then use the Settings menu to hide it.

This problem may turn out to be partially or wholly due to Apple X11 oddities; I'd be interested in finding out.
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2004-10-13 21:57

reporter   ~0002700

I'm sorry, this should of course be a "User Interface" bug, not a "Documentation" bug.


2006-02-05 22:53

developer   ~0008606


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