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0015199ScribusGeneralpublic2018-03-20 09:30
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PlatformPCOSwindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.5.4.svn 
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Summary0015199: Scrolling with mouse wheel in the properties has a double function and makes it confusing
DescriptionWith the mouse wheel one can scroll through the properties bar, for the case it is rolled out, which is great. You can scroll in it when the cursor hovers over it. That's one function.
The second function: you can change the properties inside the properties field, also when the cursor hovers over it.

When you scroll to the bottom and the properties box stops, but the cursor lands inside of a field, which is nearly alway the case, then you change unwanted some properties. This also happens in the beginning of the scrolling, if you land by accident above a properties field.

The consequences are: the scrolling with the mouse wheel inside of the properties boxes is not workable as you alway unwanted change some properties, unless you stay on the scrolling bar, which is annoying and asks for more concentration.

A solution would be: you can only change properties when you first click inside of the properties field.

Jaak Hillen
Steps To ReproduceScrolling inside of the (text)properties boxes with the mouse wheel.



2018-03-20 09:30

manager   ~0045058

imo, being able to change values with the scroll wheel without clicking is a nice feature (and imo this is the way it should work...)

we should have some code that detects if the pane has moved very recently and if it's the case, refuse to pass the scroll event to the fields.

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