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0001571ScribusUser Interfacepublic2005-06-24 18:42
Reporternermander Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0001571: Setting of View -> Snap to guide and Snap to grid doesn't save
DescriptionThe settings of the options Snap to guides and Snap to grid in the view menu does not seem to be saved between sessions. Other settings in the View menu does save.
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2005-01-29 14:04

reporter   ~0003553

Also the snap-distance doesn't save


2005-04-08 07:11

viewer   ~0004151

I am bumping this to a 1.3 feature request, where the document preferences and application preferences are separated.

The current behaviour is correct in my opinion. Here is why:

Make a document with objects and without snap to guides.

Give it to a colleague who has snap to guides enabled.

Some objects are within the snap to radius.

Result: The doc is changed unintentionally - a very bad thing IMO.


2005-04-08 07:22

reporter   ~0004155

If the Snap to... affects ALL objects I can understand the point, but in that case I think that is a bug. Snap to should not affect all objects, but only objects moved or resized.

My work flow is:

Create guides to help alignment
Create objects that snap to those guides

but as it is now I end up with frames of different sizes and in wrong locations because I forget to turn on the Snap to guides each time I start Scribus...

But maybe I'm just to spoiled with how I learned to use the different Snap-features of AutoCAD?


2005-06-06 18:41

administrator   ~0004923

This is a bug, and annoying at that.


2005-06-07 02:58

reporter   ~0004929

Assuming I understand what's going on correctly (I haven't checked the code to confirm) this can be fixed once the PageItem/ScribusView rewrite is complete. Part of that will involve a rewrite of mouse drag handling. We can start keeping track of "drag position" separate to "frame position", so we can actually snap the position of the frame properly.


2005-06-13 19:12

viewer   ~0005014

Is this fixable in 1.2.2 ?


2005-06-13 21:34

administrator   ~0005016

It is fixed in 1.2.2cvs too.

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