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0015821ScribusTranslationpublic2019-12-08 21:24
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Fixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015821: Add Russian translation for Scribus Manual

I would like to share my results of translating Scribus Manual into Russian. The work is completed by approximately 50%, the rest my supervisor told me to leave as is, so this is yet to be finished in the future.

I used 1.5.5.svn for reference, doing the translation via service. Attached archive contains html files which must be russian analogues to the html files located at "/scribus/doc/en". The names are the same but with "(ru)" added automatically by Smartcat.



2019-09-16 08:15



2019-09-19 01:50

administrator   ~0046673

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Thanks. Could you also translate the strings located in the menu.xml file so that menus can be shown in russian in the help navigator?


2019-09-19 09:36

reporter   ~0046674

Done. :)

I also double-checked all the html-files and noticed that renderframes(ru).html shows complete nonsense (see the attached screenshot). Could you please take a look at that?
menu.xml (11,646 bytes)
renderframes(ru).png (111,073 bytes)   
renderframes(ru).png (111,073 bytes)   


2019-09-19 14:39

administrator   ~0046675

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The renderframes(ru).html file contains some bad html and does not specify the file encoding. So I did a few modifications. Do these changes fix the rendering issue you see?

renderframes(ru).zip (8,246 bytes)


2019-09-20 07:15

reporter   ~0046679

Yes, it's fine now. Thank you!


2019-09-28 04:03

administrator   ~0046706

After some improvements to our help browser, so as to avoid having to duplicate images from the English documentation, the new Russian translation has been committed to our repository. Thanks for your work!

I have two questions/requests now:
1) I'd like to add your name to the AUTHORS file. May I use the same email address as you used for subscribing to the bug tracker? You may also choose to not have your email specified.
2) It would be great if you could also translate the index.html file.


2019-10-01 07:54

reporter   ~0046722

Sure, this is my main working email address so I don't have any reasons to hide it from possible future colleagues. :)

The translated index.html file is attached.
index(ru).zip (1,699 bytes)

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