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0015912ScribusOS-MacOSXpublic2020-04-10 21:23
Reporterjhmtv Assigned Tocbradney  
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0015912: Scribus doesn't open on double click of an data file
DescriptionIf I double click a sla-file. Scribus starts, but it doesn't open
the file. Instead it opens the "new" dialog. If I disable these
dialog in the settings. It start, but the file isn't opened.

If scribus is started and the sla-file is double clicked, it opens
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2019-11-04 17:51

developer   ~0046956

Tested in Linux Mint 19.x

I can't reproduce this. Any sla file is opened.
Please upload a sample file. Thanks.


2019-11-04 18:26

manager   ~0046959

this seems to be macos catalina specific.

inkscape (and gimp) seem to have similar issues:


2019-11-05 07:24

reporter   ~0046964

In my case it is MacOS Mojave.

It is not working i.E. in r22872, r23195, but it is working with 1.5.4.svn r22472


2019-11-06 17:59

reporter   ~0047000

I've made some more test. It happens for all users. So it is not dependent to any switches, configuration files or sthg. like that.

Due to the fact that r22472 is working it seems not to be an OS issue. Sthg. is changed.

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