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0015963ScribusGeneralpublic2019-11-26 14:37
Reporterale Assigned Toale  
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Product Version1.5.6.svn 
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Summary0015963: ScImgDataLoader_JPEG::loadPicture(): a loop that seems to do nothing...
Descriptionin ScImgDataLoader_JPEG::loadPicture() the snippet below seems to do nothing:

            if (cinfo.output_components == 4)
                QRgb *s;
                unsigned char cc, cm, cy, ck;
                for (int yit=0; yit < m_image.height(); ++yit)
                    s = (QRgb*)(m_image.scanLine( yit ));
                    for (int xit=0; xit < m_image.width(); ++xit)
                        cc = 255 - qRed(*s);
                        cm = 255 - qGreen(*s);
                        cy = 255 - qBlue(*s);
                        ck = qMin(qMin(cc, cm), cy);
                        *s = qRgba(cc-ck,cm-ck,cy-ck,ck);

it sets s, cc, cm, cy, and ck but they're all local variables and they cannot be used outsided of the if context.
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2019-11-26 14:37

manager   ~0047143

ah, no sorry, now i get what it does...
or at least, where it does something...

(QRgb*)(m_image.scanLine( yit ));

returns a pointer and that the content of s is being changed...

sorry for the noise

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