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0015969ScribusUser Interfacepublic2020-11-22 02:12
Reportermedmedin2014 Assigned ToJLuc  
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PlatformUbuntuOSOS Version19.10
Product Version1.5.5 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0015969: Some icons are not visible in dark mode
DescriptionIn preferences window two icon are not visible when we use breeze theme with dark icons
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2019-11-28 12:59



2019-11-28 13:30

manager   ~0047155

thanks for the report

it's the only two icons concerned?


2019-11-28 14:09

reporter   ~0047159

In properties of objects the arrow is too much black, I think when the item is enabled the arrow shoud be white and when disabled the arrow should be black grayed


2020-10-07 18:04

reporter   ~0048135

I confirm this issue on Kubuntu 20.04. Almost no icon is visible in Dark mode! The only way I could work with Scribus 1.5.5 was to set the global theme to breeze (light theme) on KDE Plasma settings.

image.png (54,977 bytes)
image.png (54,977 bytes)

Luna Nightshade

2020-11-02 18:22

reporter   ~0048296

Here are a few updated icons for the dark theme (they belong to the main folder) - that should at least take care of the issues in the first screenshot.

I would have liked to to something about the black arrows as well - but I am not finding any black arrows in any of the theme's folders. Could it be that these aren't themed, but point to some sort of default?

scrap_16.png (5,513 bytes)
scrap_16.png (5,513 bytes)
scribus16.png (5,474 bytes)
scribus16.png (5,474 bytes)
scribusdoc16.png (5,508 bytes)
scribusdoc16.png (5,508 bytes)
spline.png (5,509 bytes)
spline.png (5,509 bytes)
spline16.png (5,509 bytes)
spline16.png (5,509 bytes)


2020-11-18 08:55

developer   ~0048453

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Sur ubuntu 20.10 en mode sombre certaines icones de la barre principale de boutons sont totalement invisibles : de "Cadre de texte" à "Ligne calligraphique" et de "Pipette de couleur" à "Annotation 3D" dans la présentation par défaut. Et aussi celles au début de la ligne. Comme sur la capture de ahangarha :


2020-11-22 02:11

administrator   ~0048473

@JLuc, il semble que tu n'as pas activé pas le jeu d'icône "Scribus 1.5.1 Dark"


2020-11-22 02:12

administrator   ~0048474

Luna Nightshade, thanks, I have committed your new icons to our repository.

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