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0016010ScribusImport / Exportpublic2020-01-17 17:18
Reportermujeebcpy Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformgnulinuxOSkubuntuOS Version 19.10
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0016010: pdf import is distorting individual elements in pdf
Descriptionwhen some pdf (normally with graphic and text elements and in cmyk colorprofile) imported or opened in scribus. the pdf get distorted. im attaching the pdf here.
Steps To Reproducedownload the pdf from this thread
open that pdf in scribus or file ->import->get vector file
Additional Informationlibpoppler-utils version is 0.74
users with 0.71 not facing the issue. also 1.5.5 appimage also haven't this issue.
im attaching the pdf and the screenshot of actual pdf and how it appearing in scribus
TagsPDF, poppler



2019-12-16 15:49

reporter   ~0047273

due to internet issue the files weren't attached. attaching here


2019-12-16 16:00


inscribus.png (169,129 bytes)
inscribus.png (169,129 bytes)


2019-12-16 16:36

reporter   ~0047274

the pdf file which makes the issue


2019-12-16 16:37


WC AD 3.pdf (1,724,817 bytes)


2019-12-16 17:27

manager   ~0047275

i can confirm that the pdf does not have issues with poppler 0.71


2019-12-16 17:52

administrator   ~0047277

I cannot reproduce this issue with poppler 0.83.


2019-12-16 18:04

reporter   ~0047278

could you able to open the above pdf without any issues?


2019-12-16 18:32

developer   ~0047281

Tested in Linux Mint 19.1; Scribus 1.5.6svn.appimage (fresh)

I see this...

inscribus.jpg (194,348 bytes)
inscribus.jpg (194,348 bytes)


2019-12-16 19:25

reporter   ~0047283

@peter it works on appimage. we have issue with ppa package, and personally i use fedora, its poppler version is 0.73. and im using own builded version of scribus. that too have the issue. i assume it related with poppler version.


2020-01-14 12:12

reporter   ~0047335

You wrote "Kubuntu 19.10", but that has poppler 0.80, not 0.74. Care to explain?

0.74 is in ubuntu disco (19.04) and in the PPA for bionic (18.04). I'm now going to update that copy to 0.80 as well for bionic, but I'd rather not do disco, since that's going to be unsupported in a couple of weeks.


2020-01-16 18:17

reporter   ~0047336

that was my mistake. it was 19.04. we didnt upgraded the systems, we plan to upgrade the systems to 20.04. till that we use 19.04. sorry for the mistake


2020-01-16 22:31

reporter   ~0047337

Alright, I uploaded a new poppler (basically, the same version currently in 20.04) to the PPA for 19.04, then re-uploaded scribus-ng to get it rebuilt against it.

Please check with version 1.5.5-0ubuntu19.04~ppa1 whether you can still see this bug.


2020-01-17 05:23

reporter   ~0047338

ok. will try. but we use scribus-trunk package. because in 1.5.5 hyphen in charecter style will crash the scribus. is this update comes to 1.5.6 ?


2020-01-17 17:18

reporter   ~0047339

yes, the scribus-trunk 1.5.6~svn packages are automatically built whenever there is a new commit in the trunk branch. When that will happen it will pick up the new poppler, so just wait for that to happen.

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