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0016252ScribusScrapbookpublic2020-11-07 14:52
Reportersreerajp Assigned Tojghali  
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PlatformWindowsOS10OS Version1909
Product Version1.5.6.svn 
Fixed in Version1.5.6.svn 
Summary0016252: Scrapbook issue in Windows
DescriptionWhen Scribus has the option "Send Copied Items Automatically to the Scrapbook" it is doing the following.

Place and image in Scribus

Copy the image

This will create a folder in C drive with image name and place the image in that.

Is it a desired behaviour or does a some change should happen to it?
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2020-09-25 12:52

reporter   ~0048099

This will appear in root drive of scribus installed drive.

This will happen only if scrapbook folder is readonly for some reason say an organization is keeping a shared scrapbook folder or something


2020-09-25 14:13

administrator   ~0048100

Unable to reproduce this issue here. When requesting scrapbook folder directory, we request system a writeable location. If you get system drive on your system, that means system had to use system drive as a last resort solution.


2020-09-26 06:22

reporter   ~0048103

OK. I will give a detailed description. I tried as Administrator of the local computer.

First of all our sribuc150.rc contains the following entry for Scrapbook
 <ScrapBook WritePreviews="1" PersistentScrapbook="0" CopyToScrapbook="1" ScrapbookCopies="10">
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\General Library"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Icon Library Blue"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Icon Library Violet"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Icon News Box Blue"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Icon News Box Violet"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Local Library New"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\LOGOS"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Shared Items"/>
  <Recent Name="Z:\EDITORIAL\ScrapBook\Advt"/>

Now remove the "tmp" folder in "scrapbook" folder in "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Scribus\scrapbook"

Now create two folders one named "Scripts" and another named "TEMPLATE LIBRARY" in C drive

Now start scribus

Ensure "Send Copied Items Automatically to the Scrapbook" is ticked in Scribus Preference.

I assume you are running Scribus from "C:\ProgramFiles"

Now create a document in Scribus.

Create a textbox and add some text. Take a copy of the text box

Add and image to the textbox and take a copy.

Now you can see that Scribus will create .ScribusThumbs in C drive as well as a folder with Image name .

Now close Scribus. It will ask for saving the document. Click on Save or Discard.

It will remove the image name folder, which is OK. But the strange thing is that it will remove "Scripts" and "TEMPLATE LIBRARY" folder in C drive.


2020-09-26 06:26

reporter   ~0048104

It is not needed that the given entries should be in Scrapbook. The same was just given for Info. And the said folders have only read access to the user


2020-09-26 06:26

reporter   ~0048105

It is not needed that the given entries for Scrapbook should be in scribus150.rc file


2020-09-26 18:36

administrator   ~0048107

>> Now remove the "tmp" folder in "scrapbook" folder in "%UserProfile%\AppData\Roaming\Scribus\scrapbook"

Thanks for the additional information. This is what causing the issue your are seeing. I've committed a fix so that scribus tries to recreate that directory if it is missing. I've also added some safeguard if that directory cannot be created for some reasons.


2020-10-27 09:51

reporter   ~0048222

Tested and found to be OK

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