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0016802ScribusUser Interfacepublic2022-07-16 19:43
ReporterJLuc Assigned Tojghali  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version22.04
Product Version1.5.8 
Fixed in Version1.5.9.svn 
Summary0016802: Issues with "gtk2" application setting in AppImages
DescriptionOn ubuntu 22.04 dark theme with <empty> or "gtk2" scribus <theme or appearence> ("Apparence" in french UI) choice (but not "windows" or "fusion") :

- the "tick" next to "Insert (menu) / Sticky tools" option doesnt appear (maybe it's black tick on black), whether "1.5.1" or "1.5.1 dark" icons are choosen. (but it looks like clicking this options makes it work)

- all checkboxes have disappeared (same as HTML's "display: none"). Eg : Application's settings / Display / Page , or Album, or Hyphens usw ; or right-click-on-frame "lock frame" submenu options.

- dialog's input boxes have no border at all. When their content is empty, there is absolutely no hint that there is an input zone.

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2022-06-04 18:34

administrator   ~0049678

Unable to reproduce in my Ubuntu 22.04 VM.

Gtk2 platform theme is a legacy Qt theme which is not maintained anymore. Last commit in qtstyleplugins repo now dates from more than 5 years:

Last time I checked, the code would not compile with Qt 5.15. So... If you are using gtk2 theme, you are clearly looking for problems.


2022-06-05 07:17

developer   ~0049679

When so bad and not maintened, then maybe the "gtk2" option shouldnt be proposed anymore ?

It should not be the default setting (It looks like the default = <empty> setting is in fact "gtk2")


2022-06-05 12:17

administrator   ~0049682

>> When so bad and not maintened, then maybe the "gtk2" option shouldnt be proposed anymore ?

The gtk2 theme is not installed by default on Ubuntu 22.04 in the first place. I had to install the qt5-style-plugins package manually to get it.

>> It should not be the default setting (It looks like the default = <empty> setting is in fact "gtk2")

We cannot to anything in this case. The default setting is decided by your system.


2022-06-05 14:37

developer   ~0049683

? i didnt install it neither. Would appimage be responsible for packaging it ?


2022-06-09 14:51

administrator   ~0049689

Ah! You're using the appimage! It seems that the linuxdeployqt tool used to generate the AppImage indeed automatically bundle it whenever possible:

A few days ago, the bundling of all gtk related plugins was removed from the alternate linuxdeploy tool and its linux deploy qt plugin:

I asked probono on IRC if he could fix linuxdeployqt to stop automatically bundling this gtk2 plugin. It would still be possible to include it with an --extra-plugin option.


2022-06-09 14:59

administrator   ~0049690

Last edited: 2022-06-09 15:00

I committed a first patch which removes gtk2 plugin from AppImages generated by CI. It should be ok as long as system images does not have gtk2 plugin pre-installed.


2022-07-16 19:43

administrator   ~0049730

Resolving, linuxdeployqt does not force anymore the inclusion of gtk2 theme in AppImages:

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