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0000201ScribusStylespublic2005-05-15 09:47
Reporterale Assigned Tofschmid  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.2cvs 
Fixed in Version1.2.2cvs 
Summary0000201: paragraph indent/tabulator disturbed by a floating image
DescriptionIf a text floats on the right side of a picture, the indent and the tabulators are still referenced to the left margin of the text frame.

That's not the way i expect the floating to work :-)

I understand that this could be correct if with the tabs I was trying to simulate a table, but not if i am simulating a bulletted list...

A solution to the problem could be that the tabulator character doesn't only skip to the next tab but also to the left indent if there is one.

Then, the tabublator marks could always reference the left margin of the frame and the indents would refere to the real start of the characters.

The attached images show the two examples in scribus and in ooffice.
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2004-01-23 18:12

manager   ~0000297

sorry, i was in a hurry, it's not a documentation feature... it's a styles minor bug... but i can't change it anymore... can somebody change it for me?

2004-01-23 18:13


scribus_list.png (22,477 bytes)   
scribus_list.png (22,477 bytes)   

2004-01-23 18:13


ooffice_liste.png (29,846 bytes)   
ooffice_liste.png (29,846 bytes)   


2004-04-25 14:57

viewer   ~0001186

Can you upload a sample file to test this with ?


2005-02-10 22:16

developer   ~0003686

Hope you don't mind if I send a reminder about this issue. :)

I faced the same with a first line indent that became a no-indent-at-all with a picture overlapping a bit the column to the left (so text flow along the right side of the picture frame). All other indents at beginning of paragraphs were ok except the ones alongside this picture frame... Basically, the indent doesn't care about surrounding elements and doesn't care either about the runaround option. Bad guy!


2005-04-29 01:02

developer   ~0004452

Reminder sent to: cbradney

Hi Craig!
Sorry this reminder falls on you! (first time I use this feature on bugs.scribus)
Since the question was raised again on the list, I thought of letting you know this wasn't solved as we're approaching 1.2.2 ...
The bug is well described imo but if you need screenshot examples or case description, please let me know.


2005-05-11 04:29

administrator   ~0004578

Could possibly be fixed now in 1.3.0cvs


2005-05-15 09:47

viewer   ~0004635

tested the fix in 1.2.2cvs and its correct now from what i can see

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