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0000262ScribusGeneralpublic2005-06-06 11:24
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Fixed in Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0000262: Aligning objects based on the position of the first selected object
DescriptionCurrently in Scribus if I want to align objects f.e. their top sides Scribus aligns all the objects based on the top most object so that all the objects below it will have their Y-pos reduced.

It would be nice if the alignment was made based on the first selected object in the group of objects that are wanted to be aligned.
What I mean is if object A has Y-pos 15 and object B has Y-pos 56. Now if I first click object B then object A and choose to align top sides Scribus would align them to 56 (not 15 like Scribus is doing at the moment).
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2004-02-12 00:05

manager   ~0000469

or you should be able to select where you want it to align: the first, the last the most extreme...


2004-07-05 10:56

manager   ~0001888

My suggestion for this allows a user to select where to align based on the first selected object. See the description above.


2005-06-04 17:17

administrator   ~0004895

First selected, last selected, page, margins, selection.

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