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0007185ScribusPrintingpublic2014-07-09 12:36
Reporterwatchme Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Platformi386OSubuntu (and sidux)OS Version8.04.1
Product Version1.3.3.11 
Summary0007185: When choosing a Turboprint - printer --> everything from scribus is printed in B/W
DescriptionI have a Canon PIXMA iP1600.
Because there is no free Driver I installed Turboprint.
I can print in COLOR from everywhere except from scribus.

no matter what postlevel or other options, I choose, I always get my layout printed in B/W.
(Turboprint has been set to "COLOR" , and so is scribus)
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2014-07-08 03:44

updater   ~0032571

watchme, please follow up on this bug. Can you still reproduce this?


2014-07-08 04:57

reporter   ~0032574

uhm .. no I can't. But I could as long, as I did have the Printer mentioned above . This Bug is pretty old now, and as you know printers have a short life.


2014-07-08 05:01

updater   ~0032576

Thanks for the reply. Closing for now due to the printer obsolescence.


2014-07-09 05:25

reporter   ~0032613

That's a possible way to deal with bugreports ...


2014-07-09 12:36

updater   ~0032617

if the implication is that all bugreports are closed superficially then it is incorrect. In this case it is an edge-case, cannot be reproduced (due to limitations and printer obsolescence) and extremely low priority in regards to the +2000 other bugs that exist.
Perhaps I didn't choose the correct status. My 2nd attempt will incorporate 'unable to reproduce. Cheers

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