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0007649ScribusGeneralpublic2008-12-11 21:36
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PlatformwindowsOSxpOS Versionservice pack 3
Product Version1.3.3.13svn 
Target Version1.3.3.13Fixed in Version1.3.3.13svn 
Summary0007649: Crashes when trying to edit guides while editing masterpages
DescriptionI am going through the tutorial for getting started guide where you create the FreedomYug magazine. I got to the stage 6 where I need to learn how to create master pages. One of the steps right after you create your first master pages says to open Page->manage guides, when i do this it crashes the system. It needs to be done though immediately after you create a master page. I did it without creating a new master page and it doesn't crash but everytime i do it after creating a new master page it crashes. see below on steps to reproduce.
Steps To ReproduceOpen FreedomYug tutorial. When you get to the stage where it wants you to create a master page you click on edit->master pages. then in the master pages window you click on create new master page icon. then hit ok. then click on page->manage guides and the following error message appears..

Scribus Crash
Scribus crashes due to the following exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

the scribus file is attached that i used

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2008-12-10 23:49

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oops, never mind everyone, i just updated to 1.3.5 and it has fixed the problem what ever it was. thank you.


2008-12-10 23:55

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Beware 1.3.5svn is a development version!!!!! 1.3.5 is not released yet.

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