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Summary0009070: New feature: Master Pages at the FRONT, keeping the back as it is.
DescriptionThe curent Master Pages drawing at the back is good, keep this, but please add Master Pages at the FRONT too. Maybe a ckeckmark option, or just the attibute in the XML --for advanced and brave users--, later to be added on the GUI somewhere, or perhaps a new object: <MASTERPAGEFRONT ... >.
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2010-04-29 07:20

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Another solution relying on the layer drawing order is already in the 1.5.0svn development branch.

Layer/Master page drawing order in 1.3.6/1.3.7svn:
StdPage - Layer2
StdPage - Layer1
MasterPage - Layer2
MasterPage - Layer1

Layer/Master page drawing order in 1.5.0svn :
MasterPage - Layer2
StdPage - Layer2
MasterPage - Layer1
StdPage - Layer1

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