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0009610ScribusStylespublic2012-06-24 13:17
Reporteryoonminsoo Assigned Tocbradney  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSwindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product Version1.3.9 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.4.2.svn 
Summary0009610: Chars style does not work in Paragraph style
DescriptionOnly Paragraph style does works.
only Character stle does works.
But Chars style does not work on sentence on which paragraph style is applied.
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2010-12-23 01:56

administrator   ~0025181

Unable to reproduce. Can you provide more details?


2010-12-23 10:48


Bug Report.pdf (1,464,989 bytes)


2010-12-23 11:03

reporter   ~0025185

Now, I uploaded pdf file(capture and comment).

I am a Korean and contents consist of Korean and English....

Now, I create a new scribus doc. it works well.
But the doc which was made does not work with style.


2010-12-23 11:07


church.sla (406,281 bytes)


2010-12-23 11:09

reporter   ~0025186

I uploaded source document file. but missing fonts, and missing image....

But make new para. and char. styles and test on my sla doc.


2010-12-23 23:10

reporter   ~0025189

When paragraph name is Korean, it dows not work.
When paragraph name is English(it has no spaces(?)), it works.
So I hope that you support non-Latin languages(On my cases, Korean).


2010-12-24 15:01

administrator   ~0025194

No, Korean is not supported, although we have a project working on non-latin at the moment. If this is the cause of this bug, then this bug needs closing as we have other bugs for this issue.


2011-01-05 06:46

reporter   ~0025276

No, In English-named paragraph, charater style does not work too.
Only in default paragraph style, character style works.
On 1.4.0 svn, the same phenomenon is encountered.


2011-01-05 10:31

administrator   ~0025280

Cannot reproduce here, works also with custom paragraph styles


2011-01-07 07:34

reporter   ~0025304

I open doc.sla with XML editor.
I Found that style name is the same as PARENT name.
So I deleted PARENT="(...)" item.
Now it works well.


2011-11-26 16:51

developer   ~0027281

I can confirm that when a paragraph style is applied, there is no way to apply a char style to any portion of that paragraph. While Scribus recognizes that the style exists and it correctly tags the formatted text as being set with that particular char style, the formatting is that of the paragraph style.

When there is no paragraph style applied, then the char style can be applied and displays properly.

I tested using various language settings and it makes no difference.

I thought it was related to the presence of a tab settings in the style sheet so I removed it without better results.

Tested on OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) with 1.4RC6


2011-11-26 21:26

developer   ~0027284

Tested again with the new .dmg provided by Craig on Nov. 23, 2011 and both style types appear to work.

However when insterting a tabulator, the one on the first line is misaligned while all others align according to the value it was set.


2012-06-24 13:17

administrator   ~0028286

Fixed in previous version.

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