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0009646Infrastructure[All Projects] Generalpublic2014-10-24 23:02
Reporterale Assigned Tocbradney  
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Summary0009646: [MANTIS] adding a status to mantis for request with a patch attached
Descriptionit would be nice to have a status to show that some user has attached a patch to a report.

it might be placed before "assigned" and be called "has patch" or "patched"...

here the manual page, which explains how to add a custom status:

that way, it might get easier for the team to track the patches which has been submitted, but not yet applied to svn.
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has duplicate 0010822 closed in mantis create a new "status" called "patch" 
related to 0012544 assignedKunda [REQUEST] Augmentations to MantisBT 



2011-01-06 20:34

viewer   ~0025298

Why not add a tag and we do not need to mess with Mantis ?


2011-01-06 21:27

manager   ~0025300

the problem arose with 0009641. i could only set it to confirmed, even if the bug is probably solved.

personally, i would prefer to add [PATCH] in the title of the bug to using a tag... but i have the feeling that adding a status would be the best solution.


2011-10-24 21:06

administrator   ~0027107

No really, this is what tags are for. Use the right tool for the job.


2014-07-10 13:48

manager   ~0032666

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I think the issue is that there is a limitation when viewing the bugtracker list one can't tell which issue has patched uploaded with it visually. Unless AFAICT:
1. someone happens to clicks on an issue that has an attached patch
2. someone clicks on the #patch tag to list all patches
3. an informed someone prepends [PATCH] to the title of the report

Also, patches have tended in the past to 'fall off the radar'. This would be a good way to track them also.


2014-07-20 23:49

manager   ~0032848

Follow-up comments to 0009646:0032666:
I think adding a status is a good idea. But due to lack of movement around this subject, I've take the liberty to just add [PATCH] in the 'summary' line of the bug. I think we should consider this a way to do this from here on out until a better solution presents.


2014-07-28 22:03

manager   ~0033066

I think adding a status would be a good idea actually. The tag option is kind of useless.
Here is a recent conversation with a Mantis Plugin dev that made the mediawiki plugin.


2014-10-24 00:13

manager   ~0034133

This should be super easy to do. Lets do it. It doesn't make anything more complex for Mantis, as far as I've read.


2014-10-24 22:50

manager   ~0034142

Discussed this on IRC Oct 24, 2014. Core devs are not keen on the idea. Instead they're opting to use custom fields. I've asked the mediawiki Mantis extension dev to add a feature to search via custom fields:


2014-10-24 23:02

manager   ~0034143

a 'Patch' status was not accepted as a solution. Instead we now have a patch field when someone opens a ticket. All open patches can be sorted this way.

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