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0000023ScribusGeneralpublic03-Nov-19 19:0308-Feb-08 18:12
Assigned ToTsoots 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Version1.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version1.3.0cvs 
Summary0000023: Increase the Undo ability of Scribus
DescriptionDepending on the action performed, there is little or no Undo ability available.
Need to allow multiple level undos for all types of operations, either configurable by number in Preferences, or unlimited.
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- Relationships
parent of 0003443closedTsoots Scrapbook eps don't undo correctly 
parent of 0003582closedTsoots undo shape resize undoes more then i have done 
parent of 0003595closedTsoots add undo/apply/cancel buttons to node editor 
parent of 0003702closedTsoots Undo not working after shape edit 
parent of 0003954closedcbradney No Undo within Textframe 
has duplicate 0000389closedplinnell UNDO not work... BUG 0000023 IS NOT MINORITY BUG!!! 
child of 0005745closed Metabug: Undo/Redo issues 

-  Notes
alexandre (developer)
05-Jan-02 19:48 [^]

A nice approach
Tsoots (manager)
05-Jan-02 20:07
edited on: 05-Jan-02 20:08

I'm almost finished with the new undo/redo framework (includes object specific undo too). I'll commit it to the 1.3 during next few days, probably tomorrow. Have already made guide actions undoable and it seems to work pretty well.

Tsoots (manager)
05-Jan-07 02:05

New undo framework commited to 1.3.

Guide actions are the only undoable actions in there at the moment. I'll keep you updated here where I'm going (whenever new actions are undoable).
avox (administrator)
08-Feb-08 18:11

I removed the child bugs which where still open and made sure they are attached to the Undo/Redo metabug.

Closing this one now.

- Issue History
Date Modified Username Field Change
03-Nov-19 19:03 cbradney New Issue
03-Dec-05 18:23 cbradney Severity feature => minor
03-Dec-05 18:23 cbradney Status new => confirmed
03-Dec-05 18:23 cbradney Description Updated
04-Apr-01 22:06 plinnell Relationship added has duplicate 0000389
04-Sep-24 01:01 cbradney Product Version => 1.3
04-Dec-05 20:10 cbradney Status confirmed => assigned
04-Dec-05 20:10 cbradney Assigned To => Tsoots
05-Jan-02 19:48 alexandre Note Added: 0003321
05-Jan-02 20:07 Tsoots Note Added: 0003322
05-Jan-02 20:08 Tsoots Note Edited: 0003322
05-Jan-07 02:05 Tsoots Note Added: 0003385
06-Mar-16 12:45 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003445
06-Mar-16 12:45 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003443
06-Mar-16 12:46 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003414
06-Apr-07 15:13 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003582
06-Apr-09 21:02 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003595
06-Apr-12 15:28 mhanski Relationship added related to 0001630
06-Apr-26 05:22 mhanski Relationship added parent of 0003702
06-Jun-30 15:13 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003954
06-Jun-30 23:15 jo-hannes Relationship added parent of 0003301
06-Sep-18 23:16 Tsoots Status assigned => resolved
06-Sep-18 23:16 Tsoots Fixed in Version => 1.3.4cvs
06-Sep-18 23:16 Tsoots Resolution open => fixed
06-Sep-18 23:17 Tsoots Status resolved => assigned
07-May-23 22:32 christoph_s Relationship added child of 0005745
08-Feb-08 18:07 avox Relationship deleted parent of 0003445
08-Feb-08 18:07 avox Relationship deleted parent of 0003414
08-Feb-08 18:08 avox Relationship deleted parent of 0003301
08-Feb-08 18:09 avox Relationship deleted related to 0001630
08-Feb-08 18:11 avox Status assigned => resolved
08-Feb-08 18:11 avox Fixed in Version 1.3.4cvs => 1.3.0cvs
08-Feb-08 18:11 avox Note Added: 0018924
08-Feb-08 18:12 avox Status resolved => closed

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