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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
1.5.0svn1.5.04blockchristoph_sconfirmed2015-03-02Convert to Symbol is not recorded by Action History
1.5.0svn1.5.08blockFirasHassigned (cbradney)2015-02-27Editing Inline Items crashes Scribus if Undo has to delete a Page
Import / Export
1.5.05blockJLucconfirmed2015-02-18crash while importing masterpage, with gdb backtrace
User Interface
1.5.0svn1.5.0 blockchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-02-12Totally odd behaviour of complex gradient fills
1.2.5cvs1.5.014blockschmidigconfirmed2015-02-12Crash when build PDF-file from a A0 sheet
13minorwilliamnew2015-01-10Yes[patch] Make debug code in pageitem_textframe.cpp easier to enable.
General or deleting masterpages crashes with signal 11
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.01blockFirasHconfirmed2014-11-06Delete Reference to Item crashes Scribus
1.5.0svn1. (fschmid)2015-05-05Signitficant data-entry speed issue when the page contains a shaded object
1.4.52minorhumergunew2015-05-04NoPrints are mirrored
1.4.52blockeilygrenew2015-05-04NoError at startup prevents using script
User Interface
1.3.1cvsFuture Release5trivialafonitacknowledged2015-05-04Noability to assign shortcut keys to the running of a script
User Interface
1.3.01minortimiconfirmed2015-05-04relation eps-resolution/resample-resolution
User Interface
1.4.6.svn1.4.6.svn1.4.6.svn minorcbradneyresolved (cbradney)2015-05-04NoDisplay DPI maximum too small for hi res screens
9featurePLucAuclairassigned (fschmid)2015-05-04NoAbility to import/paste over or under a selected object
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2015-05-03NoAdd wizard explanations in font config pane
1.5.0svn1minorKundaresolved (cbradney)2015-05-03NoDisable 'Update' function in Scribus until it works again
Graphics / Image Frames
1.4.1.svn1.5.0svn8minorThaddeusresolved (fschmid)2015-05-02Unable to open some PS images into Image Frame
1.5.0svn1.5.01blockchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-05-01NoWeird Undo/Redo behaviour after Picture Browser drag'n'drop
1.5.0svn minorFirasHacknowledged2015-05-01Metabug: Undo/Redo (1.5.0.svn)
Story Editor / Text Frames
9tweakTomK32confirmed2015-05-01Long pauses with new non-modal story editor when working with large amounts of text
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.4 milestoneFuture Release7featurealexandreassigned (avox)2015-05-01NoBreak text by unlinking text frames
1.5.0svn1.5.1 featurecbradneyassigned (cbradney)2015-04-30NoCreate plugin master page mode enable/disable option
 featurealenew2015-04-30 add a copyright notice for the content in the forums
Story Editor / Text Frames milestone1minorPanchoconfirmed2015-04-30NoSearch & Replace: screws formatting
 minorKundanew2015-04-30Metabug: Search & Replace (1.5.x svn)
User Interface milestone2trivialJLucnew2015-04-30Missing error message when pasting on locked background shape
Story Editor / Text Frames
6featurejo-hannesassigned (cbradney)2015-04-30Yes[PATCH] inconsistent handling of locked status with changing text
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.6 milestone5featurejo-hannesacknowledged2015-04-29allow block selection
1.3.4cvs1minorchristoph_snew2015-04-29Switching UI language switches font display in the PP
Import / Export
1.3Future Release2featurechristoph_snew2015-04-29NoImport of Krita (kra) files
Usability not load pictures that are not selected to be displayed to save memory => crash
1.34majorringercacknowledged2015-04-29Metabug: Cases of extreme memory use
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn14minorShaforostofffeedback2015-04-29Yes[patch] unload unused images from RAM and restore them silently on the next access
Import / Export
1.3.4cvs8tweakchristoph_snew2015-04-29Add OOo templates to the list of imported file types (ott, otg, stw, stg ...)
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.4.0svn minorcezaryecenew2015-04-29Yes[Patch] DropCap dont comply First Line Offset settings
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.16minorJLucconfirmed2015-04-29NoSevere performance issue with layers.
Scripter Unable to Find Startup Script
Plug-ins request - import events from ical calender files in calendar plugin
1.3.016majortimiassigned (jghali)2015-04-28The register "Fonts" in the dialog "Save as PDF" is quite confusing (and has a bug).
Future Release6featureringercassigned (avox)2015-04-28NoCache font info for startup
User Interface
1.5.0svn1. (cbradney)2015-04-26NoInconsistent file listing in file selectors
1.3.51minorkknew2015-04-25Problems with Euro Sans
Import / Export
1.31featuremhanskiassigned (avox)2015-04-25PDF Export: Subsetting of OTF fonts (TTF variant) as true TTF subsets in PDF version < 1.6
Import / Export
1.32featuremhanskiassigned (avox)2015-04-25PDF Export: Subsetting of OTF fonts (CFF variant) as Type1 subsets in PDF version < 1.6
1featureScribernew2015-04-23NoImport and export of PDF job options
1.5.0svn19minorJLucconfirmed2015-04-21No[Qt5 BUG] Open file dialog doesnt remember bookmarked folders
1.4.0svn1.6 milestone9trivialJLucnew2015-04-20NoMissing font is proposed to replace missing font
1.5.0svn3minorJLucnew2015-04-20NoFonts config should not appear as is in Document preferences
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn3minorKundaassigned (fschmid)2015-04-18Nosome issues importing .ai files (long load time + overwheming system CPU)
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