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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
Qt5 Port
1.5.0svn1.5.02blockchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2014-11-06Activating colour management and/or preview mode for colour blindness is extremely slow and a resource hog
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0 blockchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2014-11-06Picture Browser refuses to read home directory for new document
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0 blockchristoph_sconfirmed2014-11-06The GraphicsMagick plug-in doesn't recognise all supported formats, even though they can be imported
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.01blockFirasHconfirmed2014-11-06Delete Reference to Item crashes Scribus
12minorwilliamnew2014-11-04Yes[patch] Make debug code in pageitem_textframe.cpp easier to enable.
1.5.0svn1.5.07blockFirasHassigned (cbradney)2014-10-30Editing Inline Items crashes Scribus if Undo has to delete a Page
General or deleting masterpages crashes with signal 11
Import / Export
1.5.04blockJLucconfirmed2014-10-30crash while importing masterpage, with gdb backtrace
1.5.0svn1.5.03blockchristoph_sconfirmed2014-10-30Convert to Symbol is not recorded by Action History
5minorwilliamassigned (jghali)2014-10-30Yes[patch] Add a --python-script command line option to Scribus 1.4.5svn to run a script and exit
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn8minorJLucassigned (FirasH)2014-11-23'Paste' not available in table cell
1.5.0svn3crashdogilnew2014-11-23Nocrash on pdf export
1.5.0svn1minorFirasHnew2014-11-23Yes[PATCH] Undo/Redo does not update layers level in Windows > Outline
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2014-11-22NoSevere performance issue with layers.
1.5.0svn minorPeterBenedeknew2014-11-22NoHanging indent does not work "link text frames"!
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn7featureChelenassigned (Chelen)2014-11-20Yes[PATCH] Improve Import management
User Interface
1.3.4cvs2minorchristoph_snew2014-11-20NoZoom focuses only on items, not on pages
2majorringercacknowledged2014-11-20NoMetabug: Misleading and wrong cursors
User Interface
1.5.0svn3featureplinnellacknowledged2014-11-20NoMetabug: Cursor placement fixes
1.4.21majorchappa-ainew2014-11-20View Pan Bug At High Zoom
1.3.6svn3minorGurgiONEfeedback2014-11-20Zooming out: Shift+mousekey doesn't work with WACOM Graphics Tablet
User Interface doesn't recognise cursor placement
User Interface (cbradney)2014-11-19NoPlacing a guide while creating an object (e.g. Textbox, Retangle, Image, ...) hides the guide temporarily.
User Interface
1.5.0svn1minorJLucnew2014-11-19NoHyphen dialog buttons / options
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2014-11-19NoHyphen dialog usability
 minorJLucnew2014-11-19NoHints in hyphen dialog
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn2crashJLucconfirmed2014-11-18NoCrash when deleting inline frame
1.5.0svn10featureJLucnew2014-11-18CTRL+CLICK n DRAG Text Frame while in edit mode should move the frame
1.5.0svn7minorFirasHnew2014-11-18NoSave/Discard/Cancel should be translatable on document closing
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn1minorStephen Leibowitzresolved (jghali)2014-11-18Nomissing breaks and copy/paste issues in pageitem.cpp and pageitem_table.cpp
Plug-ins minordcbresolved (jghali)2014-11-17Noimport/pct/importpct.cpp: 2 * bad if test ?
Import / Export
1.5.0svn1.5.0svn minorStephen Leibowitzresolved (jghali)2014-11-17NoPct (Mac Pict) importer plugin
User Interface
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2014-11-15No"Changed" indicator confused with inline text editing
Shape Drawing
1.5.0svn1minorFirasHnew2014-11-13NoIt is possible to create Bezier Curves with only 1 node (2)
1.5.0svn1crashdogilnew2014-11-13Noclick on color pallete crashes
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn3minorJLucconfirmed2014-11-13Some accented characters dont get typed in text frames
Import / Export
1.4.42textnkdawenew2014-11-12NoLoss of italics formatting after importing *.odt files and applying paragraph styles
User Interface
1.5.0svn minorJLucnew2014-11-11NoStyle edit Dialog shrinks after deleting style
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn2majorJLucnew2014-11-06Bad layout : text shrinks when too tightly approached
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.112minorJLucconfirmed2014-11-06buggy behaviour with align-right tabs
Story Editor / Text Frames
10featurejo-hannesacknowledged2014-11-06search & replace improvement
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.4.2.svn4majorJLucconfirmed2014-11-06Scribus doesn't show the search results
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn1.5.13minorJLucconfirmed2014-11-06Undo deletion of more than one paragraph doesnt restore style
Import / Export
1.5.0svn3majorJLucnew2014-11-061.5 style management during page import
1.5.0svn1minorJLucnew2014-11-06Managing styles when pasting an object coming from another document
Usability (avox)2014-11-06Not possible to make mouse selection through multiple linked frames
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svn3featureJLucnew2014-11-06Usability : Pasting text should not paste the paragraph style
1.5.0svn3minorJLucconfirmed2014-11-06NoStrange phenomenon: Page 1 text is reflected in page 3 or 4
1.4.4 minorGarryPnew2014-11-05NoMesh Distortion Tool not available in 1.4.4 on OSX
Plug-ins leads to an endless loop
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