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    PIDCategoryProduct VersionTarget VersionFixed in Version # SeverityReporterStatusUpdatedPatchSummary
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.0svn3minorchristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-06-12Drop Shadow tab behaviour unpredictable
Import / Export
1.5.1svnFuture Release3featurechristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-06-11NoRead/write support for Adobe Swatch Exchange files
4minoralenew2015-06-11NoProvide an API for plugins
1.5.1svnFuture Release1featurechristoph_snew2015-06-10NoA better way to organise colour palettes
Language Tools
1.5.1svn minoralenew2015-06-09Nomove resources to edit?
User Interface
1.4.5 minorMZaskenew2015-06-09NoOutline Window is limited in height (in 1.4.x)
1.5.1svn minorJLucnew2015-06-09NoUse CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE shortcut for "NARROW SPACE"
User Interface
1.39featurechristoph_sacknowledged2015-06-09Support for international typographic spacing (e.g. German)
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.4.0svn8minorJLucnew2015-06-09All types of non breaking spaces should be displayed as red underscore in story editor
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.4cvs featurehhielschernew2015-06-09display narrow no-break space (U+202f) in story editor
1.330featurecbradneyassigned (avox)2015-06-09Ability to have various typographic spacing
1.3 minorchristoph_sacknowledged2015-06-09Metabug: Master pages/Page templates
Import / Export
1.5.1svn1.5.17minorchristoph_snew2015-06-09NoSupport for Swatchbooker SBZ swatches
User Interface
1.5.1svn1.5.13minorchristoph_snew2015-06-09NoWrong behaviour of the "Colours & Fills" dialog
User Interface
1.5.1svnFuture Release featurechristoph_snew2015-06-09NoImprovements to the colour editor
User Interface
1.3.3cvsFuture Release3featuremhanskiassigned (Tsoots)2015-06-06NoToolbar: rearrange icons, allow two column view (mockups included)
Import / Export
1.5.1svn2minorJLucnew2015-06-06NoImport PDF with "Crop to finished page" leaves cropmarks in document
Canvas the "size" of dropped vectors
Graphics / Image Frames
1.5.11featureJLucconfirmed2015-06-04NoConvert embeded graphics to files
1.5.1svn1.5.11minorKundaconfirmed2015-06-04NoAfter grouping [text|image] boxes one of them is missing lines/refresh
Build System
1.5.1svn minorKundanew2015-06-04Nolibpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
1.5.1svn minorKundaconfirmed2015-06-03NoPasting image in text frame causes refresh bug
Import / Export
1.5.1svnFuture Release featurechristoph_sassigned (fschmid)2015-06-03NoOption to extract and edit clipping paths from raster files
Import / Export
1.5.0svn8minormmsticknew2015-06-03NoCompression Does Not Work
1.4.54blockeilygrenew2015-06-01NoError at startup prevents using script
Import / Export
1.4.51minormaudernew2015-06-01NoExport as image produces bad quality
Import / Export
1.4.2.svn3minorgpittmannew2015-06-01misplacement of elements on PS import
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.0svnFuture Release4featurechristoph_snew2015-05-30NoPaste text without formatting
1.5.0svn featurealenew2015-05-30Trigger scripts on events
User Interface
1.3.1cvsFuture Release5trivialafonitacknowledged2015-05-30Noability to assign shortcut keys to the running of a script
Import / Export
1.3.5svn1.5.114majorrenmconfirmed2015-05-30Yes[PATCH] Import pages with linked text frames will break the link across pages
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.5.12featurealenew2015-05-28Noreplace the current footnotes by in-frame footnotes
1.5.1svn14minorpygmeeresolved (jghali)2015-05-27Nomargin guides have bad width
1.5.1svn1featurepygmeenew2015-05-27Nomeasure tool should accept modifier key
Fonts milestone featureKundaassigned (avox)2015-05-27NoImprove font-checking script: discards potentially dangerous fonts during launch
1.5.1svn1.5.1svn8crashAlmaTlustresolved (avox)2015-05-27NoCrash when exporting to pdf with embedded fonts
1majorpygmeeresolved (jghali)2015-05-27NoBad PDF property about font outlined
Story Editor / Text Frames
1.3.0cvs17majorhcyacknowledged2015-05-25hebrew vowels (and cantillation marks) not placed properly
Import / Export
 featureeudoxosnew2015-05-25investigate plasTeX for full latex import
1.3.5svn3featurenhoptonassigned (Herm)2015-05-25XeLaTeX
3rd Party
1.5.1svnFuture Release featureKundanew2015-05-25NoPyLaTeX - A Python library for creating LaTeX files
 minorAlmaTlustnew2015-05-25Nono packages for 14.04 LTS in [^] nor [^]
Graphics / Image Frames
1.3.5svn5minorchristoph_sconfirmed2015-05-25NoPath along Path is available for some imported vector drawings (possible 1.4.5 backport needed)
Usability CTRL-Wheel Zooming in and out toward center of mouse pointer
User Interface
 featuredietmar83new2015-05-25Print preview: Ability to zoom with mouse wheel
1.318majorjensassigned (avox)2015-05-25Khmer script is rendered wrong
1.3.8 featureHelge Blischkeassigned (avox)2015-05-25NoWeird TT font subsetting
Future Release featureobertennew2015-05-25NoAdd an option to rotate the canvas...
1majorswildeassigned (malex)2015-05-25Scribus Debian Archive Signing Key can not be verified
1.5.0svn1.6 milestone minorFirasHnew2015-05-25NoInline Items are wrongly placed in Text Frames
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