Released 2020-11-07
0016488: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image file getting deleted on closing document (jghali)
0016490: [User Interface] Remove dead bottom space from XYZ and Shape tabs in Properties Palette (jghali)
0016486: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 12 (jghali)
0016485: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 11 (jghali)
0016484: [Internal] Clean up adjustcmsdialog (jghali)
0016480: [Internal] Clean up scinputdialog (jghali)
0016482: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 10 (jghali)
0016481: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 9 (jghali)
0016479: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story editor does not follow dark theme (jghali)
0016475: [General] Error when trying to open document with size above 2Gb (jghali)
0016476: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 8 (jghali)
0016477: [User Interface] Update layout for PDF import dialog (jghali)
0016472: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 7 (jghali)
0009614: [General] Non breaking spaces look the same as normal spaces when "Show Control Characters" is checked (jghali)
0015682: [General] Scribus crashes when checking fonts on startup (jghali)
0016467: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 6 (jghali)
0016454: [User Interface] Update layout for Barcode Generator (jghali)
0016465: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 5 (jghali)
0016458: [User Interface] Unify window margin for file open/save/export dialog (jghali)
0016455: [Translation] Clean up HTML header code from translation segments (jghali)
0016457: [Properties Palette] Pressing ENTER in PP adds a paragraph separator in text frame (jghali)
0016456: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 4 (jghali)
0016453: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 3 (jghali)
0016432: [User Interface] Update layout for Image Effects dialog (jghali)
0016452: [User Interface] Update layout for Check Spelling dialog (jghali)
0016447: [PDF] Ligatures cannot be extracted from PDF as text (jghali)
0016443: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Linked text boxes: text re-starts from beginning when text is displaced entirely from one of the linked boxes (jghali)
0016431: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Page numbers placed in masterpages not displayed correctly when objects are grouped (jghali)
0016437: [User Interface] Unify window margin for New From Template dialog (jghali)
0016436: [Documentation] File not encoded in UTF-8 (jghali)
0016434: [User Interface] Update minimum width for Measurements dialog (jghali)
0016430: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 2 (jghali)
0016429: [User Interface] Update layout for PDF Field Properties dialog (jghali)
0016420: [User Interface] Unify margins and spacing for dialogs, set 1 (jghali)
0016423: [User Interface] Update layout for Gradient Editor (jghali)
0016424: [User Interface] Update layout for Edit Colors dialog (jghali)
0016413: [PDF] Enable embedding OpenType fonts in PDF/X-4 (jghali)
0016422: [User Interface] Update layout for Gradient Vector Editor (jghali)
0016418: [User Interface] Unify margin and spacing for Character Palette (jghali)
0016415: [User Interface] Fix default dialog margins (jghali)
0016407: [User Interface] Unify spacing and margin for dock palettes (jghali)
0016142: [Import / Export] Preliminary support for importing PDF text as text (jghali)
0016402: [User Interface] Update margins for Preflight Verifier, Colors and Fills and Print/Output preview dialogs (jghali)
0016403: [User Interface] Unify margins for New document (startup)/New document dialog (jghali)
0016401: [User Interface] Update margins for Picture Browser (jghali)
0016400: [User Interface] Update layout for About and About Plugins dialogs (jghali)
0016394: [User Interface] Update layout for Insert Pages dialog (jghali)
0016395: [User Interface] Unify margins for Import Page, Delete Page, Copy&Move Page dialogs (jghali)
0016392: [User Interface] Unify margins in Page Properties dialog (jghali)
0016390: [User Interface] Update layout for Manage Guides dialog (jghali)
0016391: [User Interface] Fix margins for Margins & Bleeds in Document Setup/Document Setup (jghali)
0016386: [User Interface] Unify minimum size of dock palettes (jghali)
0016381: [User Interface] Update main layout's margins for Style Manager (jghali)
0016385: [User Interface] Page import dialog defaults to cancel (jghali)
0016389: [User Interface] Update layout for Multiple Duplicate dialog (jghali)
0016384: [User Interface] Shrink Layers panel (jghali)
0016371: [User Interface] Make main list a little heigher to fit all menupoints without scrollbars in Preferences dialog (jghali)
0016387: [User Interface] Remove unnecessary group boxes from Insert a frame interface (jghali)
0016388: [User Interface] Add missing vertical spacer to Create Range dialog (jghali)
0016367: [User Interface] Remove frame border from hidden scrollareas in main Preferences dialog (jghali)
0016379: [Fonts] Fonts are ragged (low resolution) in (jghali)
0016365: [General] Opening attached PDF in Scribus leads to crash [due to crippled javascript inside) (jghali)
0016364: [User Interface] Remove empty groupbox label and groupbox from Document Item Attributes in Preferences dialog (cbradney)
0016362: [User Interface] Remove margin from arc, polygon, spiral, margin (& bleed) widgets to prevent double and triple margins in Preferences dialog (cbradney)
0016363: [User Interface] Unify margins in Preferences > Fonts tabs (cbradney)
0016361: [User Interface] Remove extra margin around Document sections panels in Preferences dialog (cbradney)
0016359: [General] "Restart after other format" is not persistent after reload (jghali)
0016352: [User Interface] Non-transparent scrollreas in preferences dialog (jghali)
0016353: [User Interface] Missing line after "Guides" panel title in Preference dialog (jghali)
0016350: [General] Undo of ungrouped grouped object crashes Scribus (jghali)
0012964: [User Interface] Visual glitches in the Preferences / Document Setup dialog (jghali)
0016340: [General] Unable to open one scribus document (jghali)
0016347: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text alignment issue after flow around object (jghali)
0016343: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when copy/pasting text if style is not in target document (jghali)
0016315: [Scripter] Scripter's duplicateObject(s) should not affect the clipboard (jghali)
0016327: [Build System] fails to load (jghali)
0016334: [User Interface] Unify color picker button sizes in Preferences dialog (jghali)
0016323: [General] Starting page not stored (jghali)
0016318: [Scripter] Add checkValidPageNumber() (ale)
0009604: [User Interface] Missing possibility to configure first line offset default value for the text box (jghali)
0016324: [General] appdata: add content_rating, releases (cbradney)
0015294: [Usability] If you change many times the color in "Insert Barcode" window, the window grows (jghali)
0016464: [Usability] Scribus appimage crashes after patch of barcode (jghali)
0016459: [Translation] Exclude disabled plugins from translation source (jghali)
0016442: [Usability] Crash without feedback when starting Extras -- Check Spelling (jghali)
0016427: [Build System] Does not build with podofo 0.9.7 (jghali)
0016383: [User Interface] [Patch] Unify margins for dockable interfaces and some modal windows (jghali)
0011619: [Undo/Redo] Column jump is recorded as document modification (jghali)
0012538: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo cause crash if Group is used multiple times (jghali)
0012491: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo does not restore Group of Groups (jghali)
0012351: [Undo/Redo] Redo does not restore actions applied after grouping items (jghali)
0012392: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo crashes Scribus deleting a Group + Item (jghali)
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