Released 2020-11-07
0012964: [User Interface] Visual glitches in the Preferences / Document Setup dialog (jghali)
0016340: [General] Unable to open one scribus document (jghali)
0016347: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text alignment issue after flow around object (jghali)
0016343: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when copy/pasting text if style is not in target document (jghali)
0016315: [Scripter] Scripter's duplicateObject(s) should not affect the clipboard (jghali)
0016327: [Build System] fails to load (jghali)
0016334: [User Interface] Unify color picker button sizes in Preferences dialog (jghali)
0016323: [General] Starting page not stored (jghali)
0016318: [Scripter] Add checkValidPageNumber() (ale)
0009604: [User Interface] Missing possibility to configure first line offset default value for the text box (jghali)
0016324: [General] appdata: add content_rating, releases (cbradney)
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