Released 2019-07-30
0016274: [Internal] Remove outdated FIXME (ale)
0016271: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Undo truncate content on multiple frames only undoes one frame (jghali)
0016266: [Scripter] Add ability to get and set first line offset from scripter (jghali)
0016265: [Scripter] Python script error when using "i" as a variable name (jghali)
0016256: [Translation] Incorrect translation of "View Tools" in French (jghali)
0016254: [Scripter] Add getCellText() function scripter (jghali)
0016176: [Usability] By default select all files that can be recovered (ale)
0014892: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Undo doesn't work for search/replace operation (jghali)
0016252: [Scrapbook] Scrapbook issue in Windows (jghali)
0016249: [Import / Export] Part of imported SVG disappear (jghali)
0016240: [Scripter] pasteObject always returns null but the docstring promises a text (cbradney)
0015201: [General] Unstable when footnotes move to another frame (jghali)
0015211: [Internal] c++ 11... 14... 17 (cbradney)
0015271: [OS-MacOSX] this 2mb document takes hours to open, is uneditable because of slowness (cbradney)
0015571: [User Interface] Help > Help (cbradney)
0013728: [Undo/Redo] Issue when undoing numbered lists (jghali)
0015978: [User Interface] Item Tools color comboboxes do not have enough width for strings (jghali)
0014322: [General] Stack overflow when opening 1.4.x document containing inline items (jghali)
0016198: [Internal] Remove rulers OPTION_SMOOTH_MARKERS code (jghali)
0016210: [Scripter] Provide a way to get the current script path (jghali)
0016212: [Scripter] Fix docstrings for the scripter's pdfexport and print (ale)
0016269: [Translation] Italian translation updates (FirasH)
0015761: [Graphics / Image Frames] "Combine Polygons" doesn't work (jghali)
0016191: [Internal] In ScribusMainWindow return early in keyPressEvent() and keyReleaseEvent() if there is no document (jghali)
0015493: [Scripter] scriptplugin: Add setBleeds to API (cbradney)
0014467: [General] 1.5.x slows down immensely (with high CPU usage) when opening 1.4.6 file (jghali)
0013978: [User Interface] Regression: Docked palettes position is not saved between sessions (0011544) (cbradney)
0016144: [Canvas] Cycling through items in a group with alt-ctrl (jghali)
0015642: [General] 'Right-click' on trackpad makes cursor jump upwards (cbradney)
0016159: [Scripter] Add selectFrameText() to scripter (ale)
0016160: [Typography] Smart hyphens not insertable in story editor (jghali)
0016164: [Import / Export] footnote font is not vectorized when exported by script (jghali)
0015656: [General] comma and decimals (cbradney)
0015912: [OS-MacOSX] Scribus doesn't open on double click of an data file (cbradney)
0016170: [User Interface] Disable insert marks when no document is open (jghali)
0016171: [Story Editor / Text Frames] ScribusMainWindow::insertMark() should not delete the selection before executing the dialog (jghali)
0015929: [Build System] a few warnings about unused variables... (jghali)
0015681: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when deleting text with footnotes (jghali)
0015970: [User Interface] Status bar comboboxes are not following dark theme (jghali)
0015972: [User Interface] Contents of colors and lines and fonts in combobox is not visible in dark mode (jghali)
0015977: [User Interface] QComboBox in Startup Dialog does not extend properly with Breeze/Oxygen theme (jghali)
0015984: [User Interface] Hatch angles restricted (jghali)
0016000: [Scripter] Scripter: behavior of setCharacterStyle() depends on the frame name being defined (ale)
0016001: [Scripter] Scripter: add getCharacterStyle() (ale)
0016085: [PDF] Add support for clipping along text paths (jghali)
0016086: [PDF] Unblend colors that are preblended with matte (jghali)
0016090: [Scripter] Python documentation for getText() and insertText() could be improved. (jghali)
0016091: [Scripter] Rename Python getText() to getFrameText() (jghali)
0016092: [General] Screen not updated correctly when deselecting items with ESC key (jghali)
0016099: [Typography] Add implicit space between a Latin character and a CJK character (jghali)
0016100: [Typography] No line wrap between a CJK character and a Latin character (after a CJK) (jghali)
0016102: [Typography] Automatic space between CJK and Latin is inserted at the end of line (jghali)
0016105: [Build System] Windows installer shows garbled chinese characters (jghali)
0016107: [Build System] Fix the Travis CI (ale)
0015852: [Build System] [PATCH] CMake can't locate some icu-uc headers with pkg-config (cbradney)
0016109: [General] Scribus hangs for 3-5 mins on adding/changing color (jghali)
0016119: [General] the AppImage is crashing at start (jghali)
0016124: [Build System] Add support for visual studio 2019 (jghali)
0016158: [User Interface] Deleting masterpage requires 2 confirms (jghali)
0016177: [Internal] Avoid a double check for HasSel (jghali)
0016178: [General] Able to add items to locked layer (jghali)
0016179: [General] Opening a document with locked layers allow adding new content (jghali)
0016189: [Canvas] Page Up and Down with the keyboard: the red border around the page is not correctly updated (jghali)
0016190: [User Interface] When starting scribus with no documents, the status bar widgets are not disabled (jghali)
0016195: [User Interface] Clicking the RTL button does not give any visual feedback (ale)
0016196: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor blinking not mirrored for horizontally flipped text frames (jghali)
0016209: [Styles] Modifications in Document Setup->Tables of Contents not being applied (jghali)
0016131: [Plug-ins] scribus can't load 'libscriptplugin' (cbradney)
0016138: [Typography] Wrong space before a closing double quotes character in justified paragraphs (jghali)
0016140: [Usability] Endless selection when using Copy Item Properties (jghali)
0014140: [Usability] Cutting/Pasting then deleting footnote frame results in crash (jghali)
0013487: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Removing lines in numbered lists doesn't reorder numbers (jghali)
0013731: [Canvas] Numerated Lists: refresh bug (jghali)
0015231: [General] While dragging a guide, pressing ESC should cancel the action (jghali)
0012495: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo crashes Scribus using Marks > Reference to Item (jghali)
0014181: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deleting text with anchor marks triggers crash (jghali)
0015381: [PDF] PDF Import displays non uniform letters (jghali)
0015951: [General] preselect the first item when importing from list of master pages (cbradney)
0015957: [Color Management] Embedded ICC color profiles of PNG images are not detected during import (jghali)
0015982: [Internal] Remove #elif-ed code that cannot compile in scfonts.cpp (ale)
0015989: [User Interface] Enable Ctrl+Click to select objects below guides (jghali)
0015994: [Guides] If guides are behind items, cursor still changes to guide moving (jghali)
0016003: [Scripter] Scripter: rename traceText() to outlineText() (ale)
0016010: [Import / Export] pdf import is distorting individual elements in pdf (mapreri)
0016021: [General] Open recent menu: put the accelerator on the number (ale)
0016022: [User Interface] Changing icon set requires restarting Scribus (jghali)
0016027: [Translation] There are some non-English words in English version of Scribus Help (jghali)
0016029: [General] on linux disable/remove the menu "help > check for updates" and the tab "about > updates" (cbradney)
0016031: [User Interface] Wrong color scheme on the side panel of the Story editor (jghali)
0016034: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First line indent doesn't work for single line RTL paragraph (Fahad)
0016054: [Styles] Styles are disabled when trying to edit style for first time (jghali)
0016055: [Documentation] Errors in messageBox(...) documentation (jghali)
0016062: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selecting individual bullet character crashes Scribus (jghali)
0016066: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Variable Text gets damaged when hyphenation is on (jghali)
0016068: [PDF] PDF analyzer fails on dash pattern and type0 fonts (jghali)
0016069: [PDF] PDF import distorts images (jghali)
0016070: [Graphics / Image Frames] Improve AdjustFrameToImageSize (jghali)
0016071: [Graphics / Image Frames] Outline node movement changes contour, reset fails (jghali)
0016073: [PDF] Fixing some clip handling issues in PDF import (jghali)
0016074: [General] Typo in scripter documentation (mapreri)
0016076: [General] Fix build with Qt 5.15 (jghali)
0016077: [PDF] Rotate imported path's and tiling patterns (jghali)
0016079: [PDF] Copy the full codeToGID table (jghali)
0016082: [Undo/Redo] Text undo crash (jghali)
0016083: [PDF] Stroked text is not imported (jghali)
0015865: [Import / Export] Rotated images in a PDF are imported incorrectly (jghali)
0016075: [Translation] Updates to Italian translation (FirasH)
0016057: [Usability] Two settings are wrongly active in colour management preferences (jghali)
0016051: [User Interface] Fix some minor typos in new strings (FirasH)
0016050: [Translation] Minor update to Italian translation (FirasH)
0014098: [User Interface] Translations list is empty (ale)
0003612: [Usability] Changing width or height of rotated items behaves inconsistently depending on basepoint (jghali)
0014921: [Typography] Text-on-path should be able to wrap around on closed paths (jghali)
0015438: [General] Multiple duplicate on pages (ale)
0012118: [Canvas] Resizing rotated items going over 0 width/height behaves strangely (jghali)
0015741: [Internal] do not return int from PreferencesDialog::addItem() (cbradney)
0015751: [Build System] Update CMake find commands to new standard (cbradney)
0015752: [Plug-ins] Spell checker recognises comma symbol as an error (jghali)
0015763: [General] Scribus crashes shortly after start. (cbradney)
0015764: [Internal] Warning in (jghali)
0015767: [Internal] a few warnings about unused variables... (jghali)
0015770: [Internal] Add a virtual Prefs_Pane::apply() function (jghali)
0013211: [Canvas] Snap to bleeds (ale)
0015775: [Build System] set the default name tag for the AppImage to "nightly" (ale)
0015778: [Printing] Margins read from printer driver are wrong in landscape mode (jghali)
0015784: [Import / Export] imported SVG containing text not rendered properly (jghali)
0015794: [Scripter] Add bullet support for scripter plugin (jghali)
0015797: [PDF] PDFs imported and duplicated in image frames wrongly scaled on PDF export (jghali)
0015798: [Usability] Items from invisible layers can be selected (jghali)
0015800: [Scripter] Add tabs support for scripter plugin (jghali)
0015801: [General] multiple duplicate on pages: allow duplicating items from facing pages (ale)
0015802: [Internal] a few warnings about unused variables (jghali)
0015803: [Internal] a few warnings about comparison of integers of different signednes (jghali)
0015808: [Styles] Scribus crashes when editing character styles' hyphenation character (jghali)
0015818: [PDF] gradient transparency on a group make the group disappear in the pdf (jghali)
0015821: [Translation] Add Russian translation for Scribus Manual (jghali)
0015836: [Undo/Redo] Undoing on Attach Text to Path returns a bigger selected Text Frame (jghali)
0015837: [Import / Export] Import of Tiff files: the default resolution unit should be "per inch" (jghali)
0015841: [Styles] When cloning a style, add a number instead of prepending "Clone of" (jghali)
0010988: [General] Snap to items should make the guides snap to items (ale)
0015853: [General] convert text to outline does not work correctly if the basepoint is not top left (jghali)
0015607: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image quality preview settings in the context menu are not mutually exclusive (ale)
0015870: [Internal] Remove some unused class variables, variables, ifs and commented out code (ale)
0015872: [Internal] De-obfuscate a bit the rotation in pdfimport (cbradney)
0015106: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First line indent doesn't support RTL text (Fahad)
0015884: [Scripter] Error "More keyword list entries than format specifiers" (jghali)
0015895: [Translation] German UI translation updates for 1.5.6svn (jghali)
0015900: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor jumps to top every time a style is changed (jghali)
0015901: [Plug-ins] Fails to build with python 3.8 (jghali)
0015902: [Build System] ui/oneclick.cpp/h seems to be unused (jghali)
0012320: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo does not restore properly a flipped Spiral (jghali)
0015910: [Properties Palette] Indigo UI: move the group and table panes to the content palette and create a page pane (ale)
0015911: [Scripter] After calling insertText(), getText() does not show all characters (jghali)
0012588: [Usability] Master Page import Improvements (ale)
0015916: [Canvas] Detect arrow keys while the rotation tool is active (ale)
0015917: [General] line, basepoint and rotation (jghali)
0015918: [Internal] unused variable visualHeight and visualWidth (jghali)
0015921: [User Interface] Update to tooltip for PDF export required (jghali)
0015922: [Translation] German UI translation update, part 2 (jghali)
0015925: [Shape Drawing] Selecting nodes always highlights the top left node (jghali)
0015928: [General] Multiple duplicate on page must clear the content of the new linked text frames (ale)
0015930: [Internal] ColorPixmapValue is defined in ui/colorlistmodel.h and implemented in ui/colorlistbox.cpp (ale)
0013630: [OS-Win32] Add Registry support for fonts in Windows (jghali)
0015934: [Shape Drawing] Nodes editor: Moving nodes with the keyboard cannot be undone (jghali)
0015936: [Internal] Remove ui/sccombobox (ale)
0015937: [Internal] ui/newfile.h name does not match name of class (jghali)
0015940: [General] Duplication of names: add getUniqueName in util.cpp with the new "name (#)" pattern (ale)
0015941: [General] Use the "name (#)" pattern when duplicating the master pages (ale)
0015946: [General] File size increase (jghali)
0015949: [Internal] Signed vs unsigned comparison warning in importpdf.cpp (jghali)
0015953: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Wrong error message when linking already linked text (jghali)
0015959: [Scripter] Scripter: add setItemName() (ale)
0015207: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Duplicate Linked Text Frames (jghali)
0015464: [General] Scale multiple objects doesnt play nice with undo (jghali)
0008115: [Import / Export] Import multiple master pages (ale)
0015030: [Scripter] Port scripter to Python 3 (jghali)
0012223: [Undo/Redo] Undo is not able to restore properly a rotated Spiral (jghali)
0015811: [Properties Palette] [PATCH] Indigo UI: shrink the "shape" tab of the properties palette (ale)
0013525: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Content in SE jumps upward when switching between windows (jghali)
0015850: [User Interface] Improve access to shape buttons (jghali)
0012277: [Shape Drawing] Simplify UI of even-odd vs. nonzero filling rules (ale)
0015886: [Scripter] Scripter: Add function to revert doc to last saved state (ale)
0015965: [Scripter] Scripter: getMasterPage() is not documented (jghali)
0015974: [Internal] Simplify CanvasMode::setModeCursor() by using CanvasMode::modeCursor() (ale)
0015975: [Import / Export] IDML: guides on pages are not imported (ale)
0011369: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus doesn't show the search results outside the viewport or outside of linked textframe (jghali)
0012236: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo is not able to manage the conversion of a Polyline to Polygon (jghali)
0015985: [Build System] Scribus fails to build against poppler 0.83.0 (jghali)
0011558: [Graphics / Image Frames] 3 Efficiency Features to improve Image Manager (ale)
0015871: [Graphics / Image Frames] pictures - path (ale)
0015812: [User Interface] [PATCH] Indigo UI: Properties palette: why is there a Group tab? (ale)
0015883: [General] The color picker should suggest the RGB color code as the default name (jghali)
0015759: [Import / Export] Gradient in imported SVG file disappears after resizing and leaves the result unsusable (jghali)
0015878: [Usability] Drop shadows not immediately available for image frames (jghali)
0015881: [Usability] After deleting text frame, the truncate and clear actions are still active (jghali)
0015882: [Usability] Truncate action is active for image frames (jghali)
0015551: [User Interface] Content Palette with Text and Image Properties (ale)
0015864: [Usability] Properties palette inactive after loading document (jghali)
0015835: [Typography] "Slashed Zero" needs to be automatically disabled if the font feature "Old Style" has been selected. (Fahad)
0013922: [Undo/Redo] Undoing setting the text onto a circle shape "path" duplicates instead of undoing (FirasH)
0012084: [Undo/Redo] Undo does not work with Attach/Detach text to/from path (FirasH)
0015820: [General] Last page is not movable in "Arrange Pages" palette (jghali)
0015824: [Typography] Removing hyphenation character in paragraph style is not working (jghali)
0015773: [Internal] Fix indent in scribus/pageitem_textframe.h (jghali)
0015805: [Usability] External Tools preferences contain outdated information about gimp (jghali)
0015806: [Language Tools] Typo in language name (jghali)
0015817: [Translation] Italian translation update (FirasH)
0015788: [Usability] A style may still be used after being deleted (jghali)
208 issues View Issues
0016218: [Build System] Enable building of relocatable binaries (jghali)
0016033: [Color Management] SVG exports wrong colors (jghali)
0015732: [Scripter] setFontSize() changes only 1 character (jghali)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2018-08-12
0015397: [Printing] Some text in text frames invisible in print preview/when printed (jghali)
0015431: [Import / Export] EPS import fails with ghostscript 9.24+ (jghali)
0015454: [Graphics / Image Frames] Importing a Lilypond-generated .svg file generates peculiar results (jghali)
0015580: [Fonts] Fonts installed by user are not found by scribus on Windows 10 1809 (jghali)
4 issues View Issues
Released 2018-04-28
0014676: [Color Management] Support for the Color Exchange Format (CxF) (jghali)
0015670: [PDF] PDF Link annotations not updated when inserting/removing pages (jghali)
0015671: [Build System] Improve AppImage build by allowing relative paths to resource directories (jghali)
0015709: [Build System] Missing docstring in cmake set command (jghali)
0014434: [Fonts] Converting true type fonts to outlines produces wrong shapes (jghali)
0015715: [Typography] When changing sections, page numbers on regular pages are not updated immediately (jghali)
0015718: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text layout not updated when flow around shape stop overlapping text frame (jghali)
0015719: [User Interface] Keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste/delete content don't work (jghali)
0015720: [Scrapbook] Small improvement to scrapbook initialization (jghali)
0015723: [Build System] Small typo in the main CMakeLists.txt (jghali)
0015728: [Build System] AppImage's remove -DWANT_GUI_LANG cmake options (jghali)
0015731: [Build System] Build error in revision 23064 (jghali)
0015736: [Typography] Modifying character horizontal scale produces bad result on Malayalam text (jghali)
0015747: [Import / Export] Image's transparency is positioned differently in PDF export (jghali)
0015552: [Usability] Add possibility to search through scribus actions (ale)
0015469: [PDF] Scribus shows wrong style for PDF-Textfield style "Underline" (jghali)
0015705: [Usability] Text color combos show wrong value (jghali)
0014973: [General] When saving as compressed file, file is not compressed and extension is set to ".gz.gz.sla" (jghali)
0015277: [Internal] Warning: same iterator is used with different containers (jghali)
0015278: [Internal] Incorrect use of iterator after erasing element (jghali)
0015279: [Internal] Warning: Array index used before limits check (jghali)
0015281: [Internal] Warning: Expression is always false because 'else if' condition matches previous condition (jghali)
0015282: [Internal] Suspicious assignment in PSD image loader (jghali)
0015283: [Internal] Redundant assignment in TIFF image loader (jghali)
0015284: [Internal] Wrong delete operator used on cpp array (jghali)
0015287: [Internal] Bad comparison in api_imageitem.cpp (jghali)
0015288: [Internal] Bad comparison in specialchars.cpp (jghali)
0015289: [OS-Linux] FTBFS 1.5.4 with error: invalid conversion from ‘const GooString*’ to ‘GooString*’ (jghali)
0015301: [PDF] Rotated PDF Form fields are not positioned correctly in final PDF (jghali)
0015304: [Scripter] Typo in documentation for python function (jghali)
0015306: [Scripter] Add python command setScaleFrameToImage (jghali)
0015308: [General] the preview mode state should not be stored in the .sla (jghali)
0015318: [PDF] Page number glyphs partially render as boxes/blank during PDF export in certain circumstances (jghali)
0015329: [User Interface] No simplified-Chinese option in Preferences (jghali)
0015334: [Master Pages] Creating master page from a page that already has a master page assigned generates garbage master page (jghali)
0015367: [General] Drop Shadow "Blur" needs more decimal places - 1.5.5.svn (cbradney)
0015325: [Tables] columns and rows selection not working on tables (jghali)
0015337: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unicode search in Character Palette not working for Latin Extended-D characters (jghali)
0015350: [Import / Export] xtg import broken for multibyte encoded input files (jghali)
0015352: [Master Pages] Scribus looses color setting of variable text marks (jghali)
0015371: [Import / Export] CIELab spot colours in PDF imported as CMYK (jghali)
0015372: [General] Unckecking preflight verifier's "Check for empty text frames" has no effect (jghali)
0015392: [Import / Export] RGB colours changed when exported to PDF and SVG (jghali)
0015395: [Internal] scpainterex_ps2.cpp uses ScImage but does not include scimage.h (jghali)
0015402: [Story Editor / Text Frames] accidentally pasting scribus object in story editor pastes bunch of XML in plain text (jghali)
0015403: [Scripter] scripter: getStyle for obtaining frame style (jghali)
0015409: [Import / Export] embedded image positioned incorrectly in imported svg (jghali)
0015411: [General] Checkbox value is rendered as "4" (or some other value) by iText (jghali)
0015419: [Internal] small refactoring for scribusXml (jghali)
0015423: [General] Wrong undo tooltip string for multiple copy by columns and rows (jghali)
0015424: [General] pattern background not rendered after duplicating an item with a pattern background (jghali)
0015349: [User Interface] Image Manager: show images in the file manager (ale)
0015422: [Internal] Remove PageItem::hasLinks() (jghali)
0015441: [Plug-ins] Text vertical alignment not accessible from python/scripter (jghali)
0015449: [PDF] Arabic number glyphs of Noto Serif CJK are not exported into PDF correctly depending on specified languages (jghali)
0007006: [Typography] Drop Cap little too large causing text baseline misalignment (jghali)
0015455: [Scripter] Add transparency to image exporter in scripter (jghali)
0015457: [Graphics / Image Frames] Incorrect rendering of LaTeX Render Frames after toggling color management (jghali)
0015459: [Typography] Non Breaking Dash gives hyphen followed by space (jghali)
0015462: [OS-Linux] FTBFS with poppler 0.70.0 (jghali)
0015470: [User Interface] Menu says Non Breaking Dash, should be Non Breaking Hyphen (jghali)
0015477: [Canvas] Add Alt selection mode (jghali)
0015482: [User Interface] Zoom to mouse cursor no longer possible after svn from 2018.11.01 (jghali)
0015483: [Scripter] add setJSActionScript and getJSActionScript python functions (jghali)
0015485: [Scripter] add getImageColorSpace python function (jghali)
0015489: [Scripter] scriptplugin: Add combinePolygons to API (jghali)
0010720: [Fonts] Right-aligned text does not work as expected with some fonts. (jghali)
0015498: [Import / Export] Document crashes Scribus upon export to pdf (jghali)
0015508: [Scripter] getTextColor / getLineColor mixup in the scripter documentation (jghali)
0015509: [Scripter] puzzling definition of scripter getTextColor() function (jghali)
0015512: [Usability] Moving control points when editing shape crashes Scribus (jghali)
0015516: [Build System] changes in poppler 0.72.0 cause build failure (jghali)
0015527: [Usability] Page jumps when trying to edit an object (jghali)
0015532: [Master Pages] SVG imported into masterpage shows "out of bounds" in pre flight (jghali)
0015534: [User Interface] Deleting guides in Page -> Manage guides broken when rulers not relative to page (jghali)
0015537: [Build System] changes in poppler 0.73.0 cause build failure (jghali)
0015543: [Templates] Prices on Menükarte template disappear (jghali)
0015546: [Plug-ins] cannot add plugins to some of the menus (jghali)
0015549: [Internal] Typo in propertiespalette.cpp: xyzPal, not imagePal (jghali)
0015554: [Canvas] Fix shift selection mode for multiple selection (jghali)
0015557: [Build System] update the appimage config for gitlab (jghali)
0013126: [Language Tools] add en_US to the hyphenations installed by default (jghali)
0015495: [Printing] Print Preview is blank (jghali)
0015550: [Fonts] Add a tab to Preferences > Fonts with the rejected fonts (jghali)
0015562: [Fonts] Fonts installed by user are not found by scribus on Windows 10 1809 (jghali)
0015564: [Guides] Wrong color of guides inserted from guide manager colum/row tab (jghali)
0015565: [Import / Export] PDF is wrongly imported : page twice as large as it should (jghali)
0015576: [General] scripter's setProperty() works only with two possible values of 'startArrowIndex' and 'endArrowIndex' (jghali)
0015578: [Language Tools] Cannot install Swedish spelling dictionary (jghali)
0015583: [General] Clicking "ok" in the preferences calls "Prefs_Scripter::apply()" two times (jghali)
0015585: [Graphics / Image Frames] Enable toolsEditContents action also when image is set to scale to frame (jghali)
0015589: [Internal] Remove old PrefsPanel API (jghali)
0015594: [Graphics / Image Frames] Copy-pasting image may change image offset (jghali)
0015596: [Internal] remove the global variable ScMW (jghali)
0015597: [Graphics / Image Frames] crash when inserting a glyph... in an image frame (jghali)
0015348: [Language Tools] Add hyphenation patterns for Indian languages (jghali)
0015604: [Undo/Redo] wrong undo when resizing multiple items (jghali)
0015616: [Import / Export] After importing PDF created by imagemagick, scribus saves corrupt .sla files (jghali)
0015629: [Scripter] Calling createCharStyle() with no arguments creates a style with a font size of 200 pt (jghali)
0015630: [Scripter] Document scripter's getCharStyles() (jghali)
0015631: [Internal] make StyleSet::getDefault() const (jghali)
0015638: [Build System] Missing dll in 1.5.5.svn snapshot from 07/04/19 (jghali)
0015645: [Translation] Non translatable strings in Picture Browser (jghali)
0015646: [Internal] remove ScribusDoc::CurrentSel: it's not used (jghali)
0015648: [General] Crash when loading document containing footnotes (jghali)
0015650: [General] Footnote frame incorrectly sized when re-opening document (jghali)
0015654: [General] Incorrect ordering of language list in Preference's document setup options (jghali)
0015663: [Translation] croatian translation (cbradney)
0015664: [Language Tools] Support Hebrew numbering system (jghali)
0015666: [Internal] Fix build with poppler-0.76 (jghali)
0015675: [Import / Export] Wrong color used on svg import (jghali)
0015685: [Graphics / Image Frames] Multi-step gradient incorrectly imported from PDF (jghali)
0015690: [Color Management] Replace Color function skips paragraph background color (jghali)
0015302: [Documentation] Documentation points to old Ghostscript dowload page (jghali)
0015563: [Canvas] Add shift modifier to resize gesture (jghali)
0015601: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Last line of text frame appears duplicated at the beginning of next linked text frame (jghali)
0015603: [User Interface] Image rotation increment down button doesn't go below zero (or wrap to 360) (jghali)
0015611: [Shape Drawing] Deleting shape point triggers crash (jghali)
0015612: [General] Pasting several objects changes z-index (jghali)
0015614: [Shape Drawing] path tools > subtract does not work correctly (jghali)
0015644: [User Interface] Use "Apply" and "Remove" for the buttons in the Image Effects tool (cbradney)
0015655: [General] tooltip length (cbradney)
0015660: [User Interface] Reorder Space glyphs (cbradney)
0015696: [Translation] Croatian update for scribus-short-words.rc (jghali)
0015700: [Internal] Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) in PageItem::setLineEnd on importing from PDF. (jghali)
0015703: [Usability] "None" color value is R:153, G:102, B:51 (jghali)
0015461: [User Interface] Icons are barely visible with Breeze Dark Theme (jghali)
0015071: [User Interface] [PATCH] Color replacement dialog too narrow (cbradney)
0015085: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Linked text restart at beginning of linked frame (jghali)
0015426: [Usability] Pasting path into file dialog and hitting return stopped working (jghali)
0015413: [User Interface] Missing units in the Picture Browser (jghali)
0015415: [User Interface] Add tooltips for font names in font selectors (jghali)
0015331: [Usability] Extend the automatic addition of black, white and registration colours in the C&F dialog to Document Setup/Prefs (jghali)
0015406: [User Interface] Unusable button in the Picture Browser (jghali)
0015354: [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.5.5.svn (FirasH)
0015346: [Usability] Empty "Printing File" windows after changing options in Print Preview (jghali)
0015273: [Documentation] Updated README (jghali)
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Released 2017-05-23
0013947: [Usability] Endless selection when exiting edit mode by clicking outside of frame (jghali)
0009233: [Language Tools] Mixed language hyphenation without using styles (Fahad)
0015104: [General] Lines sometimes reported by Preflight Verifier as "not on page" (jghali)
0015111: [General] Compiler warnings (jghali)
0015118: [Build System] Misleading indentation warning (jghali)
0012157: [Import / Export] Rotated PDFs clipped on export (jghali)
0014461: [Translation] The '\n' within the <source> tag is missing in <translation> tag (Kunda)
0015092: [Styles] Background color for paragraph style apply to all text area instead of paragraph only (jghali)
0015127: [PDF] Embedding PDF Bookmarks seems broken (jghali)
0015112: [General] Enfocus reports bookmarks and forms inside PDF despite not beeing used (jghali)
0015128: [General] Drop shadow color widget shows only black (jghali)
0011926: [Internal] It’s possible to create various objects with the same name (jghali)
0014840: [Import / Export] Exporting embedded pdf file sometime produces incorrect result (jghali)
0015149: [Import / Export] PDF Bookmarks on numbered Lists result in a broken Document (jghali)
0015170: [Build System] fails to build on arm64 on ubuntu 18.04 (jghali)
0015172: [Graphics / Image Frames] double-click + keyboard adjusting image frames doesn't set "free scaling" (jghali)
0015173: [General] Switching between documents resets guides (jghali)
0015175: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Adding a "Link annotation" with no contents generates a "Empty text frame" error in preflight verifier (jghali)
0015176: [Undo/Redo] undo for alt-arrows does x/y separately (jghali)
0015178: [General] Saved Bookmarks may appear in a random order when re-opening the document (jghali)
0015184: [Styles] Writing in unavailable Font Family then trying to change it silently crashes application (jghali)
0015185: [Import / Export] Nested Bookmarks fail to export properly to PDF (jghali)
0015195: [User Interface] pdf export: do not remove the "unavailable" pdf standards, gray them out (jghali)
0015208: [General] Fix build with Qt 5.11 (missing headers) (jghali)
0015212: [Internal] AlignObjs should contain a PageItem*, not a QList<PageItem*> (jghali)
0015224: [Internal] Automated generation of a TOC doesn't include Items in Groups (jghali)
0015229: [Internal] remove m_oldSnapToElem from scribusview.h (ale)
0015232: [Internal] remove a comment stating that commented out code was removed to improve readability (ale)
0015235: [PDF] Page thumbnail background is black in exported PDFs (jghali)
0015236: [Build System] Scribus stopped building after update to icu 61.1 (jghali)
0015260: [Tables] Crash when trying to select two cell in table with ctrl+shift+right arrow (jghali)
0015080: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crashes when editing document (jghali)
0004360: [Scripter] Access attributes via Python/Scripter (jghali)
0015633: [Translation] Help needed for croatian qm file (cbradney)
0015303: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when editing text frame (jghali)
0015204: [Plug-ins] Barcode / BWIPP updates (cbradney)
0015272: [Documentation] Doc updates for the upcoming releases (cbradney)
0015267: [Color Management] Colour model switch in the "Colours & Fills" dialogue doesn't work as expected (jghali)
0015254: [Styles] Scribus crashes when scrolling Character Style Family drop menu (jghali)
0014909: [Graphics / Image Frames] Crash when moving an image frame closed to the edge of a text frame (jghali)
0015248: [Usability] After changing the "Hyphenation Character", Scribus crashes (jghali)
0015168: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Paragraph background color doesn't follow vertical alignment (jghali)
0015150: [Import / Export] IDML import: Lab colours are being wrongly interpreted (jghali)
0014448: [Plug-ins] Integrate libzmf (fschmid)
0015109: [User Interface] Fill mode for frames/shapes is greyed out after using the option "Move Vector" (jghali)
0015096: [Import / Export] VIVA import filter doesn't recognize Lab values (jghali)
0015067: [General] Undoing text paste over causes old and new text merge (jghali)
0014848: [Scripter] add optional page keyword argument to getAllObjects (jghali)
0014850: [Build System] wrong case for 'OpenSSL' causes libpodofo >= 0.9.5 to not be used (cbradney)
0014289: [Import / Export] Some EPS files are rotated when exporting to a PDF file (jghali)
0014816: [Scripter] add some pdf annotation python functions for scripting (jghali)
0014838: [Build System] explain why cmake requires openssl (jghali)
0014874: [Qt5 Port] Scribus crashes in Plasma 5 when using Plasma's global menu under Qt 5.9 (jghali)
0014890: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cannot insert special chars such as ligatures inside story editor (jghali)
0014894: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inserting Column-Break results in immediate crash (jghali)
0014898: [PDF] Fonts used only in symbols can't be embedded in PDFs (jghali)
0014902: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unlink text frames cut texts incorrectly when more than 2 frames selected (jghali)
0014914: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Document Setup>Item Tools>Columns and Text Distances not saved (jghali)
0009350: [Scripter] apply character styles from the scripter (jghali)
0014926: [General] Invalid character in xml attribute (jghali)
0014933: [General] Some additional Polish short words (jghali)
0014939: [Import / Export] SVG with Groups on Master Page don't export to PDF when grouped via Scribus (jghali)
0014940: [General] Ungrouping of items on a new master page move the objects to Normal rather than keeping on the same page (jghali)
0014945: [General] PDF field frames are not highlighted anymore (jghali)
0014968: [Tables] Crash on deleting Table Row/ Column (jghali)
0014979: [PDF] poppler-0.58 breaks build (jghali)
0014984: [Build System] compilation fail because of poppler (jghali)
0014994: [Graphics / Image Frames] DPI settings for Render frames using gnuplot (jghali)
0014995: [Import / Export] add Zoner Draw/Callisto import (using libzmf) (jghali)
0014996: [Build System] build with -DAPPLICATION_DATA_DIR fails (jghali)
0014997: [Import / Export] add QuarkXPress importer (using libqxp) (jghali)
0014999: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Scribus crashes due to Signal 0000011" if I try to insert a linebreak (jghali)
0015005: [OS-Win32] Windows version crashes in "Console" mode (jghali)
0015010: [PDF] Radio button group name incorrectly exported (jghali)
0015011: [Printing] Print Preview don't show image if its rotation is not zero degree (jghali)
0015016: [Translation] Improved French translation (jghali)
0015017: [Scripter] Use the FontEmbedding setting from the document in the scripter PDFfile (gpittman)
0015021: [Tables] Removing border lines using table properties panel doesn't work (jghali)
0015029: [Internal] Crash caused by uninitialized variables (jghali)
0014533: [Usability] Text properties dialog should get a context menu item (jghali)
0014566: [Story Editor / Text Frames] add Ignore diacritics & kashida option in Search\replace dialog (Fahad)
0014844: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when trying to make text flow around object (image frame) (jghali)
0014859: [Typography] Scribus crashes when selecting paragraph or font format (cbradney)
0010054: [Color Management] Scribus alters CMYK color values (jghali)
0014189: [PDF] Fonts can't be outlined when exporting PDF/X (jghali)
0015024: [Typography] Add Malayalam hyphenation dictionary (jghali)
0015027: [Scripter] Scripter commands for creating and using Line Styles (jghali)
0015044: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect tabulation in numbered headings (jghali)
0015045: [Tables] Editing table cells is not reliable (jghali)
0015047: [General] Scribus hangs after trying to save or export an old file containing complex group (jghali)
0015050: [Import / Export] Scribus 1.5.4svn doesn't open compressed files whose name contains multiple dots (jghali)
0015059: [Master Pages] Issue with importing master pages that have the same name (jghali)
0015065: [User Interface] 'Color and Fills' menu - gui isn't working properly when marking a non CMYK color as 'Spot Color' (jghali)
0012043: [Undo/Redo] Undo on cutting text doesnt restore correctly, but in text of previous edit or delete instead (jghali)
0015070: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect cursor position after undoing or redoing text action (jghali)
0015072: [User Interface] More precise Colour & Fill dialog entry (string) (jghali)
0015038: [Import / Export] Export/import problem regarding rotation with EPS files created by Scribus (jghali)
0015057: [Undo/Redo] Scribus crash when undoing after applying "unlink text frame and cut text" (jghali)
0013910: [PDF] No PDF/X-4 preflight profile for old docs (jghali)
0015004: [User Interface] Changing a Font Feature in the Text PP results in tab switch (jghali)
0015014: [Typography] "Non breaking space" does not work well (jghali)
0015003: [User Interface] Non-switching translations: Font Features (jghali)
0014872: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when linking frames which are already linked (jghali)
0014876: [Translation] Italian translation update for 1.5.4.svn (FirasH)
0014875: [User Interface] Unnecessary whitespace in ligaturesGroupBox title (FirasH)
0014537: [Properties Palette] Properties palette size is not saved (cbradney)
0014851: [General] Typos in source code (jghali)
0012055: [Translation] "Back to previous version" label should rather be "Back to saved version" or "Restore from saved version" (gpittman)
0014870: [User Interface] Style select is missing colons before spinboxes and does not translate "Auto" string on language change (FirasH)
0014811: [User Interface] Barcode UI crops label text length (jghali)
0014865: [User Interface] Barcode colors QGroupBox does not have margin borders (FirasH)
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