Released 2024-01-07
0017215: [Build System] hunspell_LIBRARY_DIRS is missing (cbradney)
0013884: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Numbered list auto-indentation doesn't work with prefix or suffix (jghali)
0017209: [Import / Export] TOC entries missing when importing odt document (jghali)
0017207: [Master Pages] Crash when selecting a master page to edit (jghali)
0017198: [Import / Export] PDF text fields can't be exported with the "autosize" property set (jghali)
0017167: [Typography] Non-breaking spaces not respected before punctuation mark (jghali)
0017196: [Scripter] CalendarWizard script does not work with python 3.12 (jghali)
0017186: [General] Squash some warnings (jghali)
0017193: [General] SVGPlug::parseColor should return fNam (ale)
0017159: [General] check for poppler version to avoid a warning (ale)
0017170: [PDF] 1.6.1 fails to build against poppler >=24.03.0 (jghali)
0017113: [Usability] MarginWidget steps at 1" at a time, too coarse (jghali)
0017168: [Scripter] Scripter: get the current text selection (cbradney)
0017153: [Scripter] Scripter's combinePolygons() always returns error (jghali)
0017158: [Internal] unused variable patternSpace in pdflib_core (ale)
0017121: [Templates] Templates trigger version warning (jghali)
0017124: [Internal] Useless m_item check in StyleManager (jghali)
0017139: [User Interface] New Master Page Edit ends up in limbo (jghali)
0017150: [Properties Palette] Hatch colors are not part of getNamedResources() (nitramr)
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Released 2022-03-03
0017189: [General] Using a vector instead of a unique_ptr to an array of ints (cbradney)
0005975: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Wish: generate TOC from paragraph styles (cbradney)
0017118: [Styles] Deleting a paragraph style leads to a crash (jghali)
0016866: [Import / Export] space characters lost when importing text from odt files (jghali)
0017136: [Internal] multiLine should start with a capital M and probably does not need the operator != (jghali)
0017137: [General] HelpBrowser: fix deprecation warnings (ale)
0017103: [User Interface] Advanced text properties: icons for scaling width and height of characters are switched (jghali)
0009048: [General] Better control for the origin and basepoint of all frames (nitramr)
0016988: [User Interface] Implement IndigoUI collapsible section container as UI widget (nitramr)
0017022: [User Interface] Improve UI of CurveEditWidget (nitramr)
0017027: [Scripter] scripter: document that newDocument()'s size must be in the unit specified (cbradney)
0016950: [User Interface] basepoint rotation widget is not reset when unselecting the current frame (nitramr)
0016450: [Properties Palette] Add 90° "rotate left" "rotate right" buttons (nitramr)
0016979: [User Interface] Implement AdvancedDockingSystem as replacement for QDockWidget (nitramr)
0016993: [User Interface] Make showing / hiding the palettes discoverable (nitramr)
0016622: [General] arrange pages > page previews (nitramr)
0016992: [User Interface] With the new widgets, F12 hides the contents of the palettes but not the palettes themselves (nitramr)
0014847: [General] Thumbnails of Pages in Arrange Pages Palette (nitramr)
0016762: [General] Build failure on 32bit arch (cbradney)
0016797: [Graphics / Image Frames] Barcode generation not possible (jghali)
0013824: [General] Unable to see all icons in dark window color scheme (nitramr)
0016905: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when creating a tab in the horizontal ruler (jghali)
0014357: [User Interface] Missing icons left for deszo (+ we also need HiDep icons) (nitramr)
0016924: [General] render frame with latex does not give any output (jghali)
0015969: [User Interface] Some icons are not visible in dark mode (nitramr)
0012434: [User Interface] basepoint: different widgets for shapes and lines (nitramr)
0016822: [Import / Export] Image Drop Shadow no longer exported to PDF (jghali)
0016861: [Build System] Port of AdapterWidget to Qt6 (jghali)
0016864: [Import / Export] Scribus crashes opening sla files (cbradney)
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0011608: [General] non deterministic layout with hysteresis (cbradney)
0014528: [User Interface] scribus-indigo experimental svg icon loader (nitramr)
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