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0008100ScribusUser Interfacepublic2016-11-10 19:33
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PlatformDel laptopOSMicrosoft Windows XP Home EditioOS Version5.1.2600
Product Version1.3.3.12 
Target Version1.6 milestone 
Summary0008100: Two-Way Arrow for line-handle movement is broken
DescriptionMousing over the handle of a vertical or horizontal line gives three different mouse icon possibilities:
1) Angle arrow: action is to change angle or length of line
2) 4-way arrow: action is to move location of line
3) 2-way arrow: action is to change length of line without changing either angle or location

1) The 2-way arrow icon is very difficult to 'find.' Often I need to view at %400 percent just to get it to appear.
2) The 2-way arrow always functions as if it were 4-way arrow, changing the location, rather than the length of the line.
Steps To ReproduceDraw a line.
Mouse over the line handle until the 2-way arrow appears. (May need to view at %400 to get it.)
Click on the line handle with the 2-way-arrow icon and attempt to drag to increase/decrease line length without changing angle or line location. Line will change location, not length.
Additional InformationI can only get the 2-way arrow to appear at all if the line is dead-horizontal or dead-vertical.


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2009-06-01 06:03

reporter   ~0021873

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I notice that the two-way arrow is unreliable for manipulating many objects, such as text frames, image frames, bezier curve frames, etc. The 2-way arrow often refuses to appear, and then when it does, about a third of the time it unselects entirely when you click on it, and a third of the time it switches to a 4-way arrow, sometimes changing icon and sometimes just changing function.

Also, the behavior can be moderated by clicking and then waiting a moment before attempting to actually move the point. So far as I have noticed, the straight line is the only object for which the 2-way arrow is completely unusable.


2016-01-20 10:25

updater   ~0038304

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I can't get the mouse to change states to 2-way arrow.
See attached gif

10.10.5 1.5.1svn r20699

"I can only get the 2-way arrow to appear at all if the line is dead-horizontal or dead-vertical." <= I can't reproduce this


2016-01-20 10:25


missing-2way-pointer.gif (110,676 bytes)   
missing-2way-pointer.gif (110,676 bytes)   


2016-11-10 18:12

updater   ~0042380

@PeterBenedek can you confirm ?


2016-11-10 19:07


0008100.gif (352,673 bytes)   
0008100.gif (352,673 bytes)   


2016-11-10 19:15

developer   ~0042383

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Tested Qt 5.7; r21500

No arrow (0008100.gif). It is a closed hand, but if the line width = 10mm (or more), everything changes (0008100_2.gif).

This very confused.


2016-11-10 19:21


0008100_2.gif (666,334 bytes)   
0008100_2.gif (666,334 bytes)   

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