Released 2021-04-25
0016600: [General] Typo fixes in source documentation and comments (jghali)
0016589: [Translation] Pull Spanish updates from Weblate (cbradney)
0016594: [Build System] issues with the encoding in AppImage-package/ (ale)
0016593: [Build System] Plugin load fails with undefined symbols (for all plugins) (jghali)
0016592: [Translation] Translation to Norwegian nynorsk (nn) (jghali)
0015819: [Translation] Plural form needed in new string (cbradney)
0016591: [General] Typo fixes in source documentation and comments (jghali)
0016588: [User Interface] Color inconsistent with dark theme in marks manager (jghali)
0016587: [User Interface] Icons are badly aligned with titles in Preferences window (jghali)
0016585: [User Interface] Sidebars arrows don't follow system dark theme (jghali)
0016579: [PDF] Tab order for PDF radio buttons does not respect Level in Outline order (jghali)
0016567: [Import / Export] Import PDF as text should create 1-column text frames (jghali)
0016555: [Import / Export] Color-indexed PNG is not exported correctly to PDF for Printer (jghali)
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