Released 2022-01-23
0016841: [Usability] Scribus silently upgrades your file to the new format (cbradney)
0016843: [PDF] Open path with stroke gradient SVG results in closed path in PDF (jghali)
0016834: [Documentation] Readme file has dead link to Ghostscript (cbradney)
0016830: [Build System] Typo in Findpoppler.cmake? (cbradney)
0016826: [User Interface] F12 shortcut does not affect Align and Distribute palette (jghali)
0016827: [Canvas] Some objects from left masterpage are not rendered (jghali)
0016811: [Import / Export] Some issues with PDF import (jghali)
0016802: [User Interface] Issues with "gtk2" application setting in AppImages (jghali)
0016824: [PDF] Drop shadow of very large shapes shows up wrong in exported PDF (jghali)
0016821: [Shape Drawing] Scribus crash if you delete a symbol during in "symbol edit mode". (jghali)
0016785: [Graphics / Image Frames] "Show readable text" Option for QR Code on "Insert Barcode" Window should be grey out (cbradney)
0016808: [User Interface] Scrapbook dialog dropdown menu has unintuitive icon (jghali)
0016809: [Scripter] Scripter crashes with getAllObjects() on a master page (jghali)
0016801: [Scripter] linkTextFrames() documentation vs GUI (jghali)
0016796: [Graphics / Image Frames] Issue when opening TIFF file with incorrect embedded ICC profile (jghali)
0016798: [Scripter] importPage() argument usage documentation (jghali)
0016790: [Documentation] Fix various typos (jghali)
0016786: [Graphics / Image Frames] QR code generated by "Insert Barcode" could not show CJK characters correctly (jghali)
0016098: [Typography] A white space width become too small when two Latin words are surrounded by CJK characters in a justified paragraph (jghali)
0016772: [General] Fix various typos (jghali)
0014139: [Usability] Default button for preferences should be "Ok" (cbradney)
0016767: [PDF] Dashed lines imported from PDF have incorrect segment lengths (jghali)
0016764: [PDF] Build break with poppler 22.03.0 (jghali)
0016760: [Translation] Spelling error in French translation (jghali)
0016759: [Master Pages] Arrange Pages> Document Pages> mini-pages are almost unreadable on hi-res display (jghali)
0016758: [Translation] Norwegian nynorsk invalid file (jghali)
0016754: [User Interface] Keyboard shortcuts always load "iCalamusTM" and modifications cannot be saved. (cbradney)
0016743: [Master Pages] Crash when clicking on specific text frame in master page (jghali)
0016737: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Hyphenation stop being applied after conditional hyphen (jghali)
0016734: [PDF] Build break with poppler 22.2.0 (jghali)
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