Scheduled For Release 2022-05-31
0015896: [Properties Palette] [PATCH] Indigo UI: shrink the size of the XYZ pane
0017180: [Properties Palette] Indigo UI: Properties Palette Redesign (nitramr)
0015915: [Properties Palette] Indigo UI: refactor the Color and Line panels (ale)
0011417: [User Interface] Reduced size of the "Colours" tab in the PP (nitramr)
0016883: [User Interface] Ugly/Unreadable Arrange Pages / Document Pages labels (nitramr)
0005748: [User Interface] Some issues with Arrange Pages tab. (nitramr)
0013927: [Usability] Make better use of available horizontal space for document pages in "Arrange Pages" (display master page names on the sides) (nitramr)
0016988: [User Interface] Implement IndigoUI collapsible section container as UI widget (nitramr)
0013541: [Color Management] Triangle warning Icon missing (nitramr)
0017022: [User Interface] Improve UI of CurveEditWidget (nitramr)
0016979: [User Interface] Implement AdvancedDockingSystem as replacement for QDockWidget (nitramr)
0014974: [User Interface] Min Height of Arrange Page palette (nitramr)
0016622: [General] arrange pages > page previews (nitramr)
0014847: [General] Thumbnails of Pages in Arrange Pages Palette (nitramr)
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