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0010106ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-01-24 15:41
Reporterale Assigned To 
Status newResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010106: Create a command launcher
DescriptionScribus should have a command launcher like Blender, Ubuntu / Unity, Spotlight...
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2011-07-08 14:02

manager   ~0026563

sorry, craig, why are you closing this without any explaination?


2011-07-08 14:03


natty_launcher.png (178,753 bytes)   
natty_launcher.png (178,753 bytes)   


2011-07-08 14:04

manager   ~0026564

i've attached a screenshot of natty's launcher... cedric will be attaching an example of how blender is doing it.


2011-07-08 14:45

manager   ~0026565

some more information:
- i've been using a text based launcher for years and i'm very happy with it
- mac users are getting more and more into spotlight and they like it
- ubuntu natty has ditched the start menu and has gone the text launcher way, too... no idea how the users are liking it.
- blender also has implemented it and its users seem to really like it
- jain is completing the scripter API, so we may have an entry point also for a text based launcher for scribus (we may even be able to program it as a a python script working with the new scripter engine... alexandre and stephanie have shown how far one can go with controlling scribus through the scripter's API)


2011-07-08 15:33

administrator   ~0026566

ale, seriously.... Do you really think that a member of the team has any time to do that?


2011-07-08 15:54

manager   ~0026567

no, i don't think that a member of the team has time for this.

or that it should be implemented asap.

but other people could also implement it...


2011-07-09 14:12


CaptureBlender.png (26,493 bytes)   
CaptureBlender.png (26,493 bytes)   


2011-07-09 14:14

developer   ~0026573

It could be nice if the fonts were added the command list so that it can be quicker to select.


2019-01-24 15:41

manager   ~0045855

partially implemented by 0015552

but we need more!

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