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0010114ScribusGeneralpublic2011-07-22 09:46
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Summary0010114: button to convert colum and rows guides to "real" guides
Descriptionif you create a threefold leafflet you want to use the column and rows tab in the style manager to create your guides.

but, then, you have to move two guides to make the left most leaf stlightly narrower...

it would be nice to have a way to convert the columns into "real" guides...
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2011-07-21 11:35

developer   ~0026623

What about having the option to simply unlock the guides. The default would be "Locked Guides".


2011-07-21 20:24

manager   ~0026628

no, imo, it's not the same.

the "other" guides can also be locked.

and the column/row manager should recognize its own guides, in order to remove the guides which are not needed anymore.


2011-07-21 20:53

developer   ~0026629

I understand that they are guides of a different kind. But I am not sure to understand the difference between convert those to "regular" guides (that can be locked and unlocked) but still remember what they were, and have an option to unlock and lock... Anyway...

I would suggest to use another technique here. Put a non-printable red dotted line on each fold and then put guides where you want them. Save that as a template (no text frames, no content, nothing). This is your basis. Name it by the type of fold. A Z fold will have 3 identical panel size. A U fold will have the right hand panel smaller than the others, etc.

Once this is done for A4, we can adapt it for Letter. Do the same for B5 and Legal (the 2 most common sizes used for pamphlets — or actually, the 4 most commons!).

Since columns are meant to be part of the structure and equally distant from one another, having a solution only to deal with one issue seems to me a bit overkill.


2011-07-22 09:46

manager   ~0026634

my request does not apply for "real" columns.

as an example, it applies when you want to divide a document vertically or horizontally with equally distributed grids and then manually move or remove some of the guides created.

or think about creating a threefold leaflet: you create three columns and then adjust the guides to allow a "smaller" rightmost leaf...

or mixing two types of columns and rows (two guide halving the document + three column layout...)

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