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Summary0010139: PDF/A is one of the main formats to publish with under digital rights management.
DescriptionMore and more users are buy ebook readers and ebooks.
Adobe's "Adobe ID" feature allows free access to minimalist software that will provide publishers digital rights management and users the ability to access an ebook on up to six systems.

This format, PDF/A, is also targeted as an archival format, intended to provide "Electronic document file format for long term preservation." This is likely to be a format that will provide the greatest return on investment in ebooks.

I suggest that many current and potential users of Scribus could benefit by the development of this feature.
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2011-07-21 02:22

reporter   ~0026619

I realize now that I should have begun this post with "Feature Request."


2011-07-21 08:54

manager   ~0026620

not sure if scribus should support any DRM...


2011-07-21 16:29

reporter   ~0026625

I realize that there are political issues associated with DRM and that initially it might appear to many as a contradiction. However, if in terms of ebook publishing, the only option that Scribus offers is to allow people to make infinite copies of the ebook and distribute them, then I'm in need of an explanation of why that is a wise approach. I don't see that the Scribus community has any problem with charging for the hard copy versions, yet I do see that under the Open Publication License, that the authors of "Scribus: The Official Manual" do authorize "Other forms of distribution including CD-ROM, electronic, and magnetic media."

That is not something I will allow for my work, nor would I approve of being forced to do that, so it may be that I'll need to move on...


2011-07-21 19:17

administrator   ~0026626

DRM is not a question, we already support it, and should do so to be PDF compliant


2011-07-21 19:36

reporter   ~0026627

Craig, that is - for me, anyway - encouraging to hear. Is it possible to project a rough approximation on when Scribus will achieve PDF/A export?

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