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0010145ScribusScripterpublic2011-07-26 01:39
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Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0010145: closeDoc() resets working directory
DescriptionAfter using os.chdir() to change the working directory (changed successfully as reflected by os.getcwd()), the working directory will be reset to the original one (before the os.chdir() call) after closeDoc() is called.
Steps To ReproduceTry, for example, running this script in the console:

import os

print 'Original working directory', os.getcwd()

os.chdir(fileDialog('Choose a different directory', isdir = True))

print 'Changed working directory', os.getcwd()

print 'After opening and closing test_scribus.sla', os.getcwd()

I get the original working directory on the last call of os.getcwd().
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