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0010226ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2011-08-28 15:57
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Summary0010226: RFE Add Halo Style to Text
DescriptionI'd like to suggest a new Text Style, similar to 'Outline' but it wouldn't change the size/shape of the text, it would add a stroke, 'offset' around the perimeter of the text. This would be useful on diagrams or maps, where the text has to stand-out against a varying colour background.

The controls would include options to 'round-off' corners, or mitre them 'square', and a further refinement would be to include a percentage of 'blur' so the stroke would fade to its edge.

Colour/opacity controls for Fill and Stroke would apply to the Text and the Halo elements appropriately.

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2011-08-28 15:57


Hello World Halos.png (108,634 bytes)   
Hello World Halos.png (108,634 bytes)   

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