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0010331ScribusGeneralpublic2011-10-22 09:15
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Product Version1.4.0svn 
Summary0010331: Change the way that a new colour or style is named
DescriptionWhen I create a new colour or style I generally start by duplicating an existing one.

It would be much easier of the default name for a copy was "Style Copy" instead of "Copy of Style"

For example, colours are named Red1, Red2, Red3 etc.

I want to create Red4, so I clone Red3 because I just want to make it a little darker.

A dialogue box opens with the colour name highlighted. I have to use my mouse to go and delete "Copy of" and then move the cursor to the end of the line, delete "3" and type "4".

It would be a lot easier, and more sensible given the default colour names, if the default name of the clone was Red3 Copy.

Then, I could simply right arrow, delete, "4". No need for the mouse.

I'd like to hit the right arrow
Steps To ReproduceClone a style or colour
Additional InformationHopefully a minor tweak that will improve usability.
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2011-10-22 04:56

manager   ~0027077

well, i must say that naming your color red1 to red4 is probably not the most brilliant option... but the request is still legitimate.

one will probably want to have all the reds together so he is naming them "red light", "red dark", "red apple" and not "light red", "dark red", and "apple red"...


2011-10-22 07:07

reporter   ~0027079

What a strange comment...

The default colour names are Red1, Red2 etc!! So for me to keep the default naming convention is 'not the most brilliant option'?

So whoever developed Scribus in the first place chose to name the colours Red1, Orange5, OliveGreen3 etc. But it's as good a system as the paint manufacturers calling the same colours 'Honeysuckle' or 'Morning Dew' or whatever.


2011-10-22 08:14

manager   ~0027080

i thought that we were being picky about how scribus is naming colors...

in this context, i think that naming the difference between the colors you are creating is a better option than just numbering them...

but nobody will ever stop you from doing as you prefer! ... or will stop paint manufacturers from giving picturesque names to their products!

and it is still a good idea to put the "copy" label at the end instead of the beginnings of the name!


2011-10-22 08:18

administrator   ~0027081

Red1, Red2 etc are from the X11 colour palette.. and are not Scribus names.


2011-10-22 09:15

developer   ~0027082

Last edited: 2011-10-22 09:16

But main matter of that request is changing how are set names for new colors, styles and items which are copies of existing ones. And I must agree that sufix "... copy" is better than prefix "Copy of".
It is just better in sorted names list, easier to find and keeps related names together.

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