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0010368ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2016-05-14 04:26
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Summary0010368: improve and integrate equations into Story Editor
DescriptionAt the current stage, equation are useless for real production work - for example book with many equations.
- Scribus is getting slower with each equation and it is impossible to work with program even in faster computers.
- Equations are not the part of the text frame, so when you change the text slightly, it is necessary to change position of each equation manually
- User interface is not so effective to insert more equation.
- Numbering is missing.
- It is impossible to import text with equations from LibreOffice.
Steps To ReproduceI propose different approach to the equations - similar to the LibreOffice one. Advantage is, that a lot of "new code" is already written (Inkscape, LibreOffice, Scribus), so that wouldn't perhaps be so difficult to code it.
Additional Informationtext_equation.sla - text frame with equation in SVG which moves along with text
equation.png - image, how the new equations would work
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2011-11-11 19:28


text_equation.sla (166,943 bytes)


2011-11-11 19:33


equation.png (817,517 bytes)   
equation.png (817,517 bytes)   

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