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0010462ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2011-12-28 17:21
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Summary0010462: Plugin for generating more sophisticated TOC / Indexes by extracting it from the Textframe with specific paragraph-styles itself
DescriptionThis plugin (sources attached) will generate an index like the actual TOC genrator can do, but with some advantages:
- Sort by the Name of the Title (For indexes)
- Apply a breaking line between section where the first character changes (for better readable indexes)
- As source of the indexes one can use Attributes as in the actual workflow
- One can use a specific paragraph-style for extracting the title (I have read, this was a wish)

I have tried to contact one of you via IRC, but there was nobody answering.

Maybe it is of interest how to extract these styles, the code for this starts at tocpluginimpl.cpp:181 with "if( extractFromStyle )"
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2011-12-28 17:21


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