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0001050ScribusStory Editor / Text Framespublic2017-03-01 21:12
Reporterlkaratzas Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Platform686OSSuSEOS Version9.0
Product Version1.3.3cvs 
Target Version1.5.5 
Summary0001050: Greek Hyphenation
DescriptionA (Greek) word (in a Greek text) refused to be hyphenated. Pressing Ctrl+- had no effect (except for the disappearance of the cursor) so I selected the word and chose Extra > Hyphenate text. I waited forever without anything happening and when I clicked on the text frame, the text disappeared. I had to go back to page one and work back to the page I started from.
Additional InformationThe Greek hyphenation patterns seem to be problematic. Of course this is not a Scribus problem, but it would help if I knew the logic behind them so I could at least experiment.


related to 0003157 acknowledged Metabug: Cursor placement fixes 
child of 0003828 acknowledged Metabug: Hyphenation 



2004-09-09 15:53

administrator   ~0002348

Did you change the hyphenation language to Greek on properties palette with the text frame selected?


2006-02-06 18:02

developer   ~0008619

can you please retest with uptodate cvs?


2006-02-18 10:40

reporter   ~0008803

Sorry for the delay, but I couldn't compile the cvs to do the testing. Eventually I realized I had downloaded the 1.2 version into the 1.3 directory. Nobody's perfect.
Yes, the language is set all right. After testing it with a largish file (about 50 A4 pages) I can place the problem in the fact that when I try to hyphenate with page one selected, the result is instantaneous and impressively correct. When I try the same thing from page 2 (after closing and reopening the program and loading the same text from scratch), the process lasts a couple of seconds. When I try the same thing with page 23 selected, the text simply disappears and the process goes on forever. In one instance (which I was not able to reproduce), after about eight minutes of waiting (on a computer with an Athlon 2600+ processor) I tried to close the program, which popped up a crash message (sorry I can't remember it now). The cvs I used is the one I downloaded 3-4 days ago.
That's about it. If I can do anything else to help, I'll be glad to.


2015-02-09 20:01

updater   ~0034469

Can someone test this to see if this is still an issue ?


2016-12-11 21:21

administrator   ~0042883

I wonder if this is fixed with CTL?


2016-12-11 21:21

administrator   ~0042884



2016-12-11 21:29

updater   ~0042886

I'll message the Greek Translator on Transifex to see if they can test this issue.


2016-12-11 21:36

updater   ~0042888

Sent message to Savvoritias on Transifex.

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