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Summary0010518: Common pool for all used pictures
DescriptionAt a 400 pages book with many pictures, RAM usage can be become a problem on a 4 GB RAM system.

Special when for translation purpose, 2 versions are open at the same time.

The German version of the book has the same pictures as the English version.

But when I look in task manager on the memory usage, the German version uses as much RAM as the English version.

This could be reduced by a common pool for all used pictures, so every picture would be only one time in memory.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a document with many big pictures.
Save the document under 2 different names.
Close it.

Open document
Open document with other name, same pictures used

Check at each step in Windows task manager memory usage.

The second document will use up as much memory as the first, so the pictures are twice in RAM.
Additional InformationThink on OLPC similar projects and usage. Not everywhere is the solution just to go in the next computer shop to buy some GB more RAM. So I think the optimization of the usage of resoruces is an important feature.
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