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0010545InfrastructureGeneralpublic2014-07-20 23:44
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Summary0010545: [Mantis] Forbidden access to trivial, minor, tweak filters
DescriptionOn page
there are could-be usefull links toward pages listing trivial, or minor 'severity' bugs.

These pages would enable new contributors to get into scribus and begin to propose patches.

But the linked page cannot be accessed (forbidden access error Mantis message).
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2012-01-27 21:24

administrator   ~0027607

Works for me


2012-01-27 21:54

updater   ~0027608

Last edited: 2012-01-27 21:58

You're admin on the mantis arent you Craig ?

I'm not. That's the difference.

Because these links on the wiki lead to pages in the mantis bugtracker.

The request is : could these 'severity' pages be allowed to normal users (reporters), so that begining contributors could get inspiration for their works ?


2014-07-13 18:45

developer   ~0032723

"Access Denied" also for me.


2014-07-20 23:32

updater   ~0032846

It works for the admins but not for tiers below admin.

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