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0010553ScribusUser Interfacepublic2019-11-07 15:08
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Platform32bit PCOSXPOS Versionsp3
Product Version1.4.0 
Summary0010553: Ctrl/shift click/drag shortcut keys
Descriptionthe existing function that does work is
Shift+click/boxselect for adding items to selection
please note that this is not configurable in the keys section

was wanting to add:
____+drag for copy. it does not have to be the same as the windows OS (ctrl), if you prefer it as shift, please have it configurable.
the three functions could be attributed to one key:

Steps To Reproduce(whether for CTRL or SHIFT, configured in pref's)
ctrl+click : add item to selection
ctrl+drag, initial click outside the selection (box select): add items to selection
ctrl+drag, initial click inside the selection (or upon the lines of the objects in the selection): is copy.



2012-01-30 01:00

reporter   ~0027619

i have found the shortcut CTRL-D for duplicate but i beleive it is slower than the above, but at least its there.


2012-01-30 11:34

updater   ~0027625

Last edited: 2012-01-30 11:37

For me copy after drag may be implemented as dragging with right mouse button or RMB click while normal dragging (than multiple copies will available while one drag).
Ctrl + drag should be used for constrain direction dragging.

Maybe we should implement some standard behaviors (Windows, Linux, Mac, Scribus deafult, User Set) for user`s choice?


2012-01-31 12:47

manager   ~0027631

or we could use the way inkscape is doing it?


2019-11-07 15:08

manager   ~0047016

currently, pressing ctrl-d while the selection is moving does create a duplicate at the original position.
we might simply change scribus to create the duplicate to the coordinates where the "mouse" is...

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