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0010650ScribusUsabilitypublic2019-03-20 19:35
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Platformwin 32OSwin 2k 
Product Version1.4.1.svn 
Target Version1.5.5 
Summary0010650: Dysfunctional "Paragraph Style" ComboBox (Properties Palette) functionality
DescriptionProperties Window -> Text -> Style Settings -> Paragraph Style -> Remove Direct Paragraph Formatting: does nothing on my 1.4.1svn win2k.

The "Paragraph Style" ComboBox shows "No Style", but I do have a style; it can also show Test03_ps style, but I also have Test01_ps, Test02_ps and Test03_ps styles. From another point of view, it could be showing the frame global setting (PSTYLE attribute), but the user is actually looking at another set of styles <para PARENT="Test01_ps"/> because the global one is not active: shouldn't it be grayed out or similar ?.

May be renaming it to "Frame (Global) Paragraph Style" would help. May be adding other placebo entries (grayed out ?) to the ListBox can clarify things:

No global (frame) style
No Styles at All
Various Styles (internal with in text)

The GUI is not issuing events on user actions either, displaying almost always the wrong current situation/settings: please see comments on Document-3.sla. Not sure if this behavior will be the same on Linux ?
Additional InformationScreencast (Linux Mint 17.3; r21264)
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related to 0005590 closedPeterBenedek queer toolbar refresh issue in SE when applying a style to a selection 
related to 0014093 closedjghali Paragraph Style and Character Style combo boxes keep going back to "No Style" after modifying styles 



2012-03-30 17:42


Document-3.sla (17,286 bytes)


2016-05-23 09:57

developer   ~0041329

Last edited: 2016-05-23 10:09

Tested Linux Mint 17.3; r21264

I can reproduce!

Link this video:


2016-05-24 12:43

updater   ~0041364

Confirmed r21350


2019-03-20 19:35

developer   ~0046025

Tested in: LinuxMint 19.1

I can't reproduce anymore in r22905.
This function works well.


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