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0010742ScribusScripterpublic2012-06-09 12:31
Reporterale Assigned Tojainbasil  
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Product Version1.5.0 
Summary0010742: allow easy text formatting in scripter 2
Descriptionplease, make sure that it's easy insert formatted text as follows:

- set paragraph style to "abc"
- add some text
- get the current size (if necessary)
- set the font size to 9
- add some text
- go back to the "default" font size (if necessary by using the size captured above)
- set the character style to "def"
- add some text
- go back to the "default character style"
- add some text
- start the next paragraph

the order for entering the commands is not important, but there should be an intuitive way of doing this.
Additional Information... ask if something is not clear :-)
(and this not really possible, or at least very cumbersome in the old scripter)
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