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0010762ScribusTablespublic2012-06-19 05:35
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Summary0010762: copy cells from one table to another
Descriptionwe should have a way to copy cells from one table to another table.

i suggest the following way of doing:
- select full cells in the first table and copy them
- select full cells in the target table and paste

the result is that the content of the copied cells fills the matching selected cells in the target table (the first cell copied is pasted in the first cell, first row of the selection).

if the source selection is bigger than the the target one, the "overflowing" cells are dropped (silently or with a message).
if the target selection is bigger the remaining cells are left empty.

if the user is in content edit mode, we keep the current behavior and the cells are pasted as a table inside of the current cell.

the big decision to take is: what happens with the cell formatting (borders, background color)?
in my eyes, most of the time you want to keep the target table formatting, so by default the source formatting can simply be dropped.
but if we find a good way to have both behaviors, i'm sure that there will be people appreciating it!
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