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0010792ScribusGeneralpublic2012-06-23 11:35
Reporterale Assigned Tocezaryece  
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Product Version1.5.0svn 
Summary0010792: improvements to document setup > sections
Description- if the last existing section starts at the n-th page, it should not be possible to create a new section (so it should not be possible to add a new section if there is only one page in the document)
- when adding a new section it should automatically start at the page n -1.
- when creating a new section, its values for "style", "field width" and "fill character" should be copied from the (previously) last section
- the "From" and "To" text fields should be replaced by one "Start at" drop down listing all possible pages (not all pages: it should take in consideration the other existing sections; so if there are three sections, the second section can't start at the first page nor at the page n; the first section always starts at the first page, no need for a dropdown)

one big question: what happens when pages get deleted?
- if a section gets deleted, should there be a warning or should scribus silently remove that section that now does not have any pages anymore?

on top of it, there is a bug in the current implementation

- when creating a new section, the "field width" field is automatically set to 467...
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2012-06-22 23:17

manager   ~0028271

Last edited: 2012-06-22 23:17

cezary, i've assigned it to you, since you are currently working on this dialog... as usual: if you have no interest / time to work on it, just deassign the task. (or better, in this case assign it to me!)


2012-06-23 11:35

manager   ~0028277

btw, it's not necessary to modify the way the sections are stored in the file or the internal structure... just the dialog :-)

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